Anyone else had a bad day this week?

Sometimes when I’m pulling out another load of tangled, wet clothes, I want to turn my head to the side and slam it onto the top of the washing machine. But I don’t. I carry the basket out to the clothes line and start trying to figure out which things can share pegs because the … Continue reading Anyone else had a bad day this week?

Melbourne Vixens meets The Bear & The Whale

I’m sure Wing Defence is an important position. Just that when I played junior netball it was where they put the uncoordinated girl that’s getting a game because they need her for numbers. How badly I wanted to be the pretty, fast little Centre. Or a goalie. Once I was named as Emergency (not even … Continue reading Melbourne Vixens meets The Bear & The Whale

‘We told you he was a loser.’

Many had quit high-profile jobs to start home-based businesses so they could spend more time with their kids. Some have those kids in care so they can work in their home-based business. I learned a lot at the Melbourne AusMumpreneur Conference this week. And I thought a lot during the three-hour drive home when it … Continue reading ‘We told you he was a loser.’

The Bear & The Whale goes global

I had my first international sale this week. A New Yorker found my website and contacted me to request a custom order. She wanted fabric elephants in pink, orange, yellow and aqua. Making custom orders is such a cool way to find new colour combinations and see colours I wouldn't have thought to put together. … Continue reading The Bear & The Whale goes global

Nutri-grain for tea again

Tonight I'm celebrating some more exposure from Lucky me. Today they featured my little summer top in their Picks From the Xmas Gift Guide and the wholesale interest that has already followed has been exciting. Earlier this week one of madeit's guest bloggers featured my Christmas birds amongst her favourite handmade decorations (Little Pipika … Continue reading Nutri-grain for tea again

Happy birthday to The Bear & The Whale

It was this time last year that it all began. Our website went live, we started taking our things to markets and announced we were open for business. Any excuse for baking and a party. The candle is blown out, everyone claps (that's Elsie, Maeve and me) and the lights go back on. And another thing to … Continue reading Happy birthday to The Bear & The Whale