I’m still here

There used to be a time when, if a business didn’t have a website, I looked elsewhere to spend. Now most have a website, but if it’s out of date or their latest blog post is ages ago, I move on to find someone who does care about their customers and wants to talk to them.

Forgive me; I do care and I have been wanting to talk. Just that things at The Bear & The Whale headquarters got so busy that I almost wondered what it was I’d created and why I’d created it just now.

I sold a lot of things at the Yellow Brick Road Market Pop Up Shop at Doncaster, and a lot of people saw my things there, jumped online and bought up. Big. Good for business. Not so good for homelife. Or blog entries.

I lie. It hasn’t all been hard work.

We’ve celebrated 40th and 70th  birthdays amongst our families with cool get-togethers and I threw in a well-planned and long-awaited ‘girls’ weekend’ with my two besties (can you still say that when you’re late 30s or is that term reserved for teenage Facebook users tagging each other in photos?). Not just a girls’ dinner. Or a girls’ night out. It was a whole weekend.

We talked, we dined, we drank, we walked, we shopped, we laughed. And we didn’t wipe anyone else’s nose or bottom, we didn’t choose a meal on the menu that could be shared with a  two-year-old, we didn’t break up any fights and we didn’t make spontaneous purchases in stores because there was a child screaming in the pram.

Dinner at Mason's of Bendigo

It was like a two-week holiday. There’s something about stepping out of your routine for a while, even just going to the supermarket (alone) is enough to make a difference with the level of frustration over the state of your lounge room floor.

If you're using your fork for a minute and taking a rest from the corn, you can just tuck the cob there under your arm.

I’m trying to build up stock for our stall at The Square – Bendigo’s Handmade Market on 15 September. I think I’ll take a few of these pinafores:

And that’s all for now. Hey. Thanks for stopping by.

3 thoughts on “I’m still here

  1. I knew you would be somewhere about the place!

    A whole weekend away! What a treat! Its one I am certain you have earn’t many times over, and over.

    I won’t be seeing you at The Square (its the first I have had to miss!) my little brother’s getting married that day…..

    I hope you have a great market, but in the meantime would you like me to send you a casserole?? Nutri-grain getting boring yet??? LOL

    XX Jacq


    1. oh I meant to say just how yummy your girls are!!! I love seeing your photos of them and the crazy stuff kids do (and the pretty clothes they wear!)


      1. Thanks for the casserole offer (NutriGrain boring? You kidding?) and your lovely comments. And enjoy your brother’s wedding! I’m sure you’ll capture some brilliant shots of a wonderful day. x


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