Last minute ‘cramming’

The Kasey Chambers CD has finished and the next one starts automatically. I listen to Paul Kelly do a brilliant live version of To Her Door and wonder if the guy in the silver top taxi cab ever did make a picture and get them all to fit. I wish I could play the harmonica like Paul Kelly can (or play it at all). And the guitar. And sing. And write songs. And a book.

I adjust the rear vision mirror and see that both girls have their left hand limp on their chest. Elsie’s mouth is slightly open and her head slightly upwards. Maeve’s face is turned well into the head support of the car seat, her dimpled hand holding the shoe from the foot she has tucked under her other leg.

The next song starts and I reminisce about the wedding of one of my brothers (I did have ‘one of my brother’s weddings’ written there, but it read to me like I have one brother who’s had three weddings, rather than three brothers who’ve each had a wedding). His friend played the guitar and sang Until Death Do Them Part and after his voice and his strums filled the church, the applause that followed was the same as Paul Kelly just received on the CD.

All is quiet now but for that applause so I lean forward and press AM to catch the 10 o’clock news. But all that the announcer gets a chance to say is who she is and who we’re listening to before I hear from Maeve’s car seat,

‘Where’s Kasey Chambers?’

I look back and four eyes are glaring at me.

I choose my battles and press DISC without a word. I check the mirror. Elsie’s head is slightly up and her mouth open. Maeve’s face is turned into the headrest. They’re both asleep.

Paul Kelly it is then. It’s a nice change.

And for an even nicer change, we arrive at swimming early and Elsie gets to have a little bit of free time in the pool before her lesson starts.

During the class, while the teacher helps another child, Elsie practises going under the water. She comes back up and pinches her nose,  removes a clump of curls that is stuck to the front of her goggles and raises a thumb in the air in my direction.

The other five girls in the class are off on their way across the pool showing various abilities and forms of freestyle. Elsie bobs under the water again as she waits for the instructor to return to help her; to remind her to ‘blow bubbles’, ‘do big rainbow arms’, ‘kick your legs’, ‘nice straight legs’, then, ‘Woops, did you forget to blow your bubbles? Have another go.’

And I smile and give her a thumbs up from across the pool for trying to remember to do any of those things, let alone all of them.

I’m getting ready for our stall at The Square on Saturday and am up late like I’m cramming for an exam. At Uni I always stayed up all night before an exam and had an ability to retain most of what I read during that critical 12 hours beforehand. Unfortunately sewing doesn’t work like that, and probably I can’t either anymore, but I will be doing my best to finish many more pieces to display. And sell? Well that’d be as satisfying as a good exam result.

4 thoughts on “Last minute ‘cramming’

  1. Hmmm response to first paragraph:
    Larissa you can write, you can sing and you can play guitar. And if you put your mind to it you could collate a book (maybe a collection of you blogs? Called “modern day mummy”! You are such a talented lady! Ok back to reading the rest of the blog x


    1. Thanks for your comment Megs, and your kind words! I’m a bit like those little freestylers with some the things you’ve listed, but yes, how cool would it be to write a book. It’s on the bucket list! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Hope you’re enjoying yourself, meeting some great people and seeing some amazing things. x


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