Enjoying the small things

Here are some of the things we’ve been enjoying this week:

I sewed like there was no tomorrow and sent all of my stock to Melbourne. It’s going to be for sale at Westfield Doncaster at the Yellow Brick Road Market Pop Up Shop from Monday 20 til Sunday 26 August. That’s cool.

I love it when happy customers send me photos of my products in action. Check out this gorgeous baby in her new dress:

Another customer wanted a pair of beach pants in cheesecloth. I made Elsie a pair first to see how they’d go. Good, I think.


Elsie took Lambie to kinder for show and tell. Lambie had a new hand-me-down dress that Nanna made for Elsie when she was a baby. Here they are both wearing it (Elsie at 8 weeks and Lambie at 5 grubby years):

In the supermarket this week, Elsie put three apples in a bag and wanted to weigh them. They weighed 600 grams. So did she when she was born. I made her stand there holding the apples while I took a photo.

Sorry, Elsie. I won’t make you do that again with mince. Or butter. Or anything else. I just thought it was cool that you weighed the same as three apples.

We also made some necklaces using polymer clay, rolling and baking and threading.

We painted nails. Some of us have to paint our own.

And cut out their own pictures.

And pick their own oranges.

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to advertise The Bear & The Whale clothing in this post. It just so happens that in nearly all of the shots, the girls are wearing my clothing. They do have other clothes, I promise.

4 thoughts on “Enjoying the small things

  1. I think its awesome the girls are wearing your handmade clothes! Its as it should be 😀
    Its 7am and I cannot make my thoughts flow into something sensible so I hope dot points are ok with you
    ~Independance is a great thing! Avalon spent years shouting ‘I DO IT!!’ as taxing as it was it didnt last forever, now she is happy to try and get me to do everything
    ~Your photos are looking fantastic!
    ~A gorgeous 3 apples worth Elsie is too 🙂
    ~I love the concentration on Maeves face as she does her nails!
    ~I treated myself to a nail job too, Shellac! Its like nail polish for women who do stuff! Super tough stuff
    ~I have been thinking about the pop up shop idea, I like it. I fills my need for new and interesting all the time 😉

    I think thats all

    XX Jacq


  2. I hope it goes really sucessfully for you at the Yellow Brick Road Market Pop Up Shop Larissa- your goods look fantastic! And the girls look wonderful – they are so lucky to have a creative mamma to dress them so beautifully 🙂


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