Melbourne Vixens meets The Bear & The Whale

I’m sure Wing Defence is an important position. Just that when I played junior netball it was where they put the uncoordinated girl that’s getting a game because they need her for numbers. How badly I wanted to be the pretty, fast little Centre. Or a goalie.

Once I was named as Emergency (not even Interchange where you’re at least likely to get on the court at some point in the game) and the Goal Attack sprained her ankle during the game. I won’t lie; maybe I felt a little for her as two big women gave her a ‘chairlift’ off the court, but this was going to be my moment of glory.

Then the coach stood pointing at various girls and various positions around the court, there was a shuffle of bibs and someone handed me WD.

Today a parcel arrived in the post from Melbourne Vixen’s Sharelle McMahon. After Sharelle gave birth to their son, Xavier, in August 2012, I was asked* to come up with a unique gift for the staff to give Sharelle.  What an honour.

*Just so happened that I had a friend working at Netball Vic at the time. But even so…

I looked at the Melbourne Vixens website and saw this:

And given that Xavier will need an outfit to wear to watch his mum play when she returns to the court for the 2013 season (and maybe because the Vixens need a cute little mascot), I made these overalls:

The parcel today included a thank you note from Sharelle, a signed mini netball and some merchandise.

We were all very excited. As Maeve threw the hard ball to me on the lawn, I had a nasty flashback. I stood with my hands outstretched, squinting, and wanting to cry, ‘Not so hard!’

Maybe Elsie and Maeve won’t spend the netball season with one black finger taped to the one beside it, praying for even a turn at Wing Attack.

 Or will they?

Well done Sharelle. And go Vixens.

7 thoughts on “Melbourne Vixens meets The Bear & The Whale

  1. Good on you Larissa…and how exciting for the girls to have that ball!!! You will have to mount it one day so it doesn’t get lost!!! Lol…love the photos….Bev.


  2. I can relate……I was the GK – standing their in the hail freezing cold wishing that I could do something to keep warm and wishing that I could be the GA or WA……

    The overalls look very cute btw 🙂


  3. Excuse me while I pick myself up from the floor in fits of laughter!!! Oh, the pictures that are conjuring up in my mind.
    PS – I didn’t know who the Melbourne Vixen’s are and when I read the title of this blog I thought it was going to be about some super model Melbournite starting a franchise with The Bear and The Whale!!! (Definately not a follower of sports)
    I’ve just read this blog to my husband and only just got through it between my belly laughs – the finger taping has still got me in giggles!
    PPS I was usually the Goal Keeper – you know where the put the chubby slow one!!!


    1. The chubby slow one?! Now I’m in fits of laughter! That’s very funny and I’m sure untrue. Thank YOU for the laugh, Christine.

      It’s nice to be reading how other girls felt about their positions on the court and what they made it mean about themselves!


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