The Bear & The Whale goes global

I had my first international sale this week.

A New Yorker found my website and contacted me to request a custom order. She wanted fabric elephants in pink, orange, yellow and aqua.

Making custom orders is such a cool way to find new colour combinations and see colours I wouldn’t have thought to put together. Custom orders also allow the time to do that, when it’s otherwise hard to find that time.

I’ve had a busy week trying to build up market stock in between orders, so for tonight’s meal, I decided on a very simple, quick and popular fettucine carbonara. But alas, no fettucine. I thought about a macarone cheese recipe I’d seen – similar ingredients, I’m sure I could convince the girls it was just as nice as carbonara. No macarone (of course. That’s not a staple pantry ingredient, is it?). No pasta of any type in the cupboard.

Okay, cheese toasties it is, then. No bread.

Tuna casserole. It’s quick and easy and the thing I make when I haven’t got anything else. No tuna.

I finally came up with delicious pies that we all love – fried onion, bacon and garlic with cream and egg in a pastry shell. Almost the carbonara.

2 thoughts on “The Bear & The Whale goes global

  1. How cool to think there will be Bear & The Whale mobile hanging on the other side of the globe! And New York of all places… I sense world domination coming soon 🙂


  2. Hi Larissa, I found your blog through madeit, and I just wanted to say hi and congratulations on your 1st international sale! I’m really excited for you!You make beautiful things, hope you get many more int’l sales!


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