Dizzy with happiness

Sometimes you see, hear or read things that really shake you and make you start thinking just how good your life is.

That happened to me this week. I was reading about a family and all they’ve been through and continue to go through with their children and it was just the shake up I needed to remind me of how lucky we are.

When I stopped crying and put the article down, Elsie and Maeve were in the kitchen taking turns to spin around on the spot four or five times then stand still, staring at an imaginary spot on a cupboard and swaying or stepping quickly sideways. They’d both giggle madly and then it was the other one’s turn.

It made me cry all over again.

And some of the tears were tears of joy and fortune and relief and gratitude. And the others were because that foam box of 1.5kg of tomatoes is still on the kitchen floor.

I looked at the girls differently all day. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always felt lucky to have finally ended up with the family we have. But a little reminder every now and then doesn’t hurt. It makes for a day filled with precious moment after precious moment, instead of a day filled with some precious moments and some clouds of, “Um, what can you do? Well, you could pick up toys?”, “Maeve, please don’t pull Elsie’s hair. What do you say? No. Not ‘thank you’. You need to say sorry,” and “Yes, you may have a drink but could you please ask again using your manners.”

I also cashed in on the day of being thankful and present and totally happy and tidied up my sewing space (otherwise known as ‘the red room’ – it’s a spare bedroom, store room, sewing room and play room all rolled into one quite large and very full space).

And in just 15 minutes or so, I’d made some art for the walls in my corner. I’d seen this idea on websites and initially didn’t like it, but when, during my tidy up, I came across a bag full of all these embroidery hoops given to us by an old great aunt (during her tidy up), I decided I’d go with the embroidery hoop wall art – perfect for a sewing corner, don’t you think?

Seeing me sitting up on the sewing desk as I hung the hoops, Elsie and Maeve just had to hop up too. Plus it was a novelty that there were no more piles of fabric, loose buttons, odd bits of that fusible interfacing paper that may or may not still have the interfacing on there (hard to tell), receipts, tape measures, pins and handy sized shoe boxes that you might use for something (you’re just not sure what).

So I say, cuddle your kids, tidy a space you love being in, put on a hat and gumboots and spin around on the spot with no pants on, or put on all of the jewellery you own. Do any or all of it, just because it makes you happy.


3 thoughts on “Dizzy with happiness

  1. Brilliant post, Larissa. And funny because I was thinking the exact same today. Went to a dinner last night with a woman speaking about mental health and abuse issues and came home so *very* grateful for everything in my life.

    And LOVE the hoops. So glad you came around to them 🙂 They look fantastic against the red. x


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