Nutri-grain for tea again

Tonight I’m celebrating some more exposure from Lucky me.

Today they featured my little summer top in their Picks From the Xmas Gift Guide and the wholesale interest that has already followed has been exciting.

Earlier this week one of madeit’s guest bloggers featured my Christmas birds amongst her favourite handmade decorations (Little Pipika Xmas Gift Guide) just ten days after madeit themselves had them listed amongst their faves.

Needless to say then, I have been sewing like crazy and load after load of clean washing is piled high on the couch. It’s a win-win though:

  1. it’s fun for the girls to climb on,
  2. we’re not using the couch with sewing orders and harvest, and
  3. dressing each morning is simple – we all know exactly where everything is – you just have to find it in there.

Why is it though, if you’re looking for a pair of socks or a set of PJs in that mound of sheets, towels and clothes, that by the time you finally find a partner to something, you’ve lost the original?

I will fold it all. After this weekend.

I’m excited to be finishing off some new designs to take with us to The Square – Bendigo’s handmade market. They included The Bear & The Whale in their Sneak peek: kid’s stuff to find at the market. It’s on this Saturday and Sunday (10 & 11 December) at the Bendigo Town Hall from 10am-4pm, but we’ll only be there on Sunday.

That leaves me Saturday to fold washing stock up some more.

And I promise, next week I’ll cook some vegetables.

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