New floor stock*

*I just thought that sounded cool.

If you’re looking for a last-minute gift idea that isn’t made of plastic and doesn’t require a screwdriver and batteries or tin snips to get to from its packaging, look no further.

I’ve just added some cool new things to my shop. They’re already made and ready to ship immediately, so you’ll have them in time to pop under the tree.

My favourite is the summer slub t-shirt with matching pants; the fabric is so soft and cool and with a contrasting thread, I reckon it’s ‘just like a bought one’. That’s a saying, isn’t it? It doesn’t look handmade? That’s what I reckon, anyway…

I have so many great fabrics for the nappy cover pants that I had trouble choosing which to use. I have limited amounts of each and am advising shoppers that if they’re ordering a pair that I don’t already have made up, the fabric will vary from that shown, but will be just as nice.

I’ve also added some new one-off summer dresses and summer tops. My favourite in these is the 3-tone tops with different fabrics in the front, back and sleeves. You can guarantee they won’t tear this open and find they already have one the same, and have to do that nervous half-smile-Thanks-I-love-it-Oh-bad-luck-me-What-a-waste-of-a-present-I’ve-already-got-this-Hungry-Hippos-game.

I sold so many dresses and tops at The Square – Bendigo’s Handmade Market yesterday. And there’ll be lots of happy little hands dressing dolls or teddies in Mum’s creations. We had a great day, lots of laughs and lots of sales topped it off completely.

I still have an unfathomable number of orders to fill and with Christmas Day fast approaching, I need to get off here and cut out a heap of elephants for mobiles.

Sorry vegetables, you’ll have to sit in your drawer in the fridge for another day.

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