In December I was touched by the first of the Facebook posts and email messages from businesses that thanked their lovely customers for their support and wished them and their families a safe and happy holiday season. Call me the Grinch, but after my email inbox and Facebook newsfeed filled with them, they started to lose their impact. So I didn’t write one from The Bear & The Whale.

Of course I should have (the last 45 of them that came through were no less sincere).

We do thank you for your support and hope you did have a safe and happy holiday season.

 We did. I thought it was a fitting ending to a great year. I loved 2012.

I loved having two pre-school-aged children; there were no more of the sleepless nights you get with a baby, and none of the problems you may or may not get with a school-aged child (‘Bobby wouldn’t play with me today’ or ‘I got in trouble for copying when I didn’t even copy’).

Having said that, there isn’t a stage I haven’t enjoyed yet and our good friend tells us that every age is a good age. If that’s the case, we’ve got a whole lot more fun to have yet.

I’ve thought about recapping the year, and I’ve thought about including what I’m most looking forward to about 2013. I’ve thought about saying that I’m going to get fit or that I ate and drank too much over Christmas. But that’s all feeling a bit second-hand now too. 

So instead I’ll say thank you once again—thanks for buying our products and thanks also for reading my blog.

4 thoughts on “Thanks…

  1. Thank you, for your gorgeous products and thank you, for your inspiring and entertaining blogs which are often the hightlight of my day. I am “enjoying” that broken sleep a baby brings as well as the perils of school life my 6 & 8 year olds experience. It’s like that first Christmas letter you recieve which tells of great accomplishments their children have made and how “great/successful/amazing” the last 12 months have been – by the time the last letter from family or friends is read I begin to think there must be some sort of standard script people use for their annual ‘newsletter’. So thank you for your post New Year writing and I eargerly waiting to read your next!


    1. Oh Christine, I know what you mean about the Christmas letters! That’s very funny. I hope you’re enjoying the school holidays with your boys and are getting lots of sleep’s’ at night. Thanks for your support.
      (I’ve been putting some cute items together this week on the sewing machine and will be off to the Post Office with them tomorrow – keep an eye out!)
      Thank you again.


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