You better not cry, you better not pout

Elsie told Santa in a shopping centre that she’d like a colourful wooden train. He said he knew exactly the one she was talking about and for a few moments they nodded and agreed about the size of the red and yellow pieces on the train. Afterwards I led Elsie through a toy store and suggested she show me a train like the one she and Santa were talking about.

“Is it this one?”


“Oh I bet it was this one. Is this what you were talking about?”

“No. When can we get out of here?”

“I just thought you might like to show me a train like the one you and Santa were talking about.”

“Mum, don’t worry about it. Santa knows which one I mean.”

So we stopped and smelled the flowers

Perhaps I went overboard the other (long) day when Elsie and Maeve were fighting over the stove he bought last year and I told them he might take it back this year if they can’t play nicely together. We encourage good behaviour year-round, not just when Santa’s watching. But I can’t deny it’s a handy tool at the moment, is it not?

We’ve been talking recently about whingeing. Whether Santa’s watching or not, it’s no good. There are other ways to get what you want; sooking and carrying on don’t work.

As I write this now I can hear them chatting in bed. Elsie has explained that it’s daylight savings and that means it’s still light when you go to bed, even though it’s night time. Maeve is responding like a textbook student with prompts like, ‘Yes’ and ‘Oh’.

Maeve has suggested Santa might be on our roof. But Elsie explains that he doesn’t come for another five sleeps yet.

And now Maeve has broken out in song.

“Santa Claus is coming to town. Don’t cry. Don’t sook on.”

Despite the corrections from the other bed a short distance away (or perhaps because of them) (“It’s not ‘sooking on’”), the song is continuing with the same lyrics.

Yesterday I posted the last of my Christmas orders—a custom order for a mobile with Australian animals.


That done, I gave myself permission to put our tree up.


The new lights went on and then Elsie entertained herself taking photos of the tree and working out that if she moved the camera as she took the picture, she’d get really cool shots:

And now it’s time to wrap some presents and put them under the tree. And then I’ll be ready. There’ll be no more sookin’ on about how quickly Christmas is upon us.

4 thoughts on “You better not cry, you better not pout

  1. Love it Larissa…amazing the memories that come back at ya when you read stuff like that! I have been busy putting a book together about my memories of my brother Marty (he is supposed to be dying, but we are still waiting…and it was a real blessing that he was still a resident at the hospital in Katherine last week…I nearly gave up doing the book a couple of times, because he was going to be leaving before I could get it to him! But I gave myself a shake and decided to keep going or I would be very dissappointed with myself if he was still around!!! So two Fridays nights ago, I finally finished (took me from the time I got back from Pine Creek…still, it was a bit rushed as he was supposed to be gone last week) all the twenty layouts and journalling, and decided to print them on my printer…with much trouble between me and my computer and printer I might add) and put the pages into a sleeved scrapbook. I posted it the next morning. Well, he recieved it last Wednesday with our other brother still there with him (he lives in Townsville and was going to stay with him until he goes), and he was over the moon…as were my three other brothers. My two big rough Aussie brothers had a bit of a cry and a laugh and rang me, amazed at all the information about our ancestors and the ancient photos I had got hold of. It was a time of healing for me…I shed a lot of tears…and I am so pleased he got to see it, and read my memories of him as a kid. Joe and Steph remind me so much of Marty and I when we were little…but of course I was brunette!!! So reading about your two girls sitting on the bed chatting and Maeve breaking into song reminded me of “us” too….which has instigated my rambling now!!! Hehe…lovely to read another story from you Larissa…love to you and Anthony.


    1. Sorry to hear about your brother’s health, Bev. What a great idea for the book – so glad you got it done and your brothers enjoyed it; lovely for all of you. Well done. How nice having Joe and Steph remind you of Marty and yourself as littlies. Siblings rock, don’t they. Thanks for your comment (and the great Christmas letter) – enjoy this time with your friends and family. Love to all x


  2. Yes, the promise of Santa’s arrival and delivery of gifts is a fantastic parental behavioural tool (I’m not sure the Triple P parenting program endorses it though). I too have used it on occasion with my two boys seeemingly to transition so effortlessly between the 2 lists. Let’s just hope for all that they are on the Good List by Christmas Eve!!! I’m glad you finally got to put your tree up – we did ours a couple of weeks ago but the down side of adorning your home in festive spirit so early is that you find yourself having to dust Christmas decorations and move presents under the tree to sweep/mop floors!! Oh the perils of domestic bliss and good will to all men and all that!!
    Have a lovely Christmas Larissa with all your family and I trust Santa finds his way to visit those adorable girls of yours!!


    1. Had to laugh about your boys’ effortless transition between naughty and nice! Great way of putting it. You can always sweep/mop around the tree – I’m pretty good at swishing the dish cloth neatly around the mail on the bench. Wishing you all the best too, Christine, for a great Christmas with your family. I enjoyed your comment – thanks for taking the time. Merry Christmas. 🙂


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