Advent calendar or not, the countdown is on

Is anyone else ticking things off their calendar like it’s a relief? ‘Oh thank goodness, we can tick that one off.’ Is that how I want to teach our girls to live their lives?

Everyone’s talking about it. December is crazy when it comes to functions, break ups, Christmas parties, Christmas drinks, as well as markets and online sales.

We haven’t put up our tree and our advent calendar from last year, which I plan to use again, remains in the top cupboard.

I love it. I love being busy. For list-makers, December is a dream-come-true. Write the event in your diary and cross it off. So the relief for me this month is in the crossing off, rather than a relief that we went through the motions to get through the month. I love the madness and the get-togethers. I love how we thank shopkeepers as we walk out with an ‘Enjoy your Chrismtas!’ and for a moment we’re bonding.

We bought some Christmas lights. We’ve never had them before. Elsie took the little bucket of unopened lights to kinder for show-and-tell. Now the bucket is sitting on the bench. And the tree is in its box in the garage.

So I’ve made a decision. We love getting orders for our products, but stock is low so many items will need to be made once they’re ordered. If it’s a Christmas gift, please order on or before this Friday 14 December to give us time to make it and give Australia Post time to deliver it.

You can order after that (you can even check with us first to see if we have an item in stock), but I can’t (and I don’t imagine Australia Post can) guarantee delivery by Christmas.

(As I told Anthony, you’ve had 365 days notice…)

I’ve just added some new items to our shop:


L to R:

  1. Summer top in floral (already made and ready to post in sizes 2 and 4) or as a dress in size 2 only
  2. Summer top in white batiste – I’m talking cool, comfortable and classic. Already made and ready to send in most sizes
  3. Ballet outfit with a red tutu (because everyone knows red’s the best)
  4. Another cute dolls dress in pink owl fabric with matching knickers. Stocking fillers, anyone?

Mum and I had a stall at The Square – Bendigo’s Handmade Market last weekend. We love that market and we love bringing our tubs home with less stock than we took with us, and in its place, some cool finds from other stalls. That day I would hear a voice from within my own head that said, ‘Walk away from the stall,’ every time I found something for myself at another stall. I shopped only for Christmas gifts. And I got some cool stuff. I can’t share it in case any recipients are reading this, but I will after Christmas. If you haven’t been to The Square, you should. You’ll never want to shop in a regular store again.

Elsie had her kinder concert this week. I’d taken the girls to watch the ballet concert a couple of weeks before in the Town Hall, so I thought it was a good chance to explain to Elsie that her kinder concert was going to be at the Town Hall as well.

‘You’ll be on the stage where the ballet dancers were.’

‘I’m not certain about that,’ she said.

I knew what she meant, but I brushed it off like I didn’t get it and said, ‘Oh no, I’m certain, it’s definitely at the Town Hall.’

On the day of the concert she hopped into bed beside me and said, ‘I’m not sure about standing on the stage at the concert.’

I explained that I used to get nervous back when I did ballet and Anthony said he used to get nervous when he sang in the band. And she never said another thing.

Here’s how she looked when the curtains opened for the first song:

Kinder kids are so cute. Kinder kids performing are even cuter. Some are right into it. Some do their own thing. Some wave to their parents. Some yawn. Some rub their strap-on echidna noses together. Some watch the teacher to the side. Some watch the kid beside them. Some don’t need to watch anyone. Some stand still and stare out at the audience.

But by the end of that first song there was so much foot stomping and singing and hands hammering together and jingle bell actions from her that I actually had to put my hand on my heart to try and still it.

She loved it. And we loved it. It was another situation like the dummy episode, where I doubted her when I should have come from nothing and let her show me who she is and who she can be.

3 thoughts on “Advent calendar or not, the countdown is on

  1. Hi well done Elsie and mum it’s great to watch them we had Olivia’s ballet concert a month a go i can tell you i had a tear in my eye it was fantastic and she did what ever it was the best


  2. Gorgeous photo! So true about that age group of performers – I could see each of those personalities as I read your anecdote as if I too were sitting in the audience. Shine children, shine!!


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