Free money

Today we collected the girls' pavilion entries following yesterday's local show. It was the first year that I'd sourced a schedule and read through to see if there were any categories that the girls might like to enter. We were a little stuck for time. We learned that you could (and should) have faxed or … Continue reading Free money

What to worry about when you have nothing to worry about

Elsie reinforced for me tonight how good our lives are. How lucky we are. I've been seeing it in a lot of places lately. Like when the really big deal in our shire recently was the introduction of a recycling bin and the downsizing of the other wheelie bin and whether our rubbish would be … Continue reading What to worry about when you have nothing to worry about

Watching our flower girl bloom

There’s plenty written about raising confident kids. And it’s no surprise. Our attitude towards life, our happiness and our wellbeing are dependent on our confidence and self-esteem. So helping our children to develop confidence is one of the biggest responsibilities we have as a parent. On the weekend Elsie was a flower girl in our … Continue reading Watching our flower girl bloom

School holiday highs and lows

Now I get it when parents say how excited they are about school holidays arriving and then how excited they are about school going back. This two-week break since Easter has been the first of the school holidays that we’ve had (since Elsie only started school this year). And I loved the first week. It flew … Continue reading School holiday highs and lows