Is your glass half full?

There’s an old saying, ‘Why use a picture when you can say a thousand words?’ Some people get it around the wrong way.

This month, Fat Mum Slim has a photo-a-day challenge. She’s given a list of 30 prompts and is encouraging people to get on board and take a photo a day using the prompts. They can upload them to Facebook or Instagram. It’s a cool idea and I like it.

But I like writing more. So sure, I’ll jump on board and maybe I’ll have a photo based on the prompt, but I’ll definitely have words. I like words.

Pictures are good. And they can say stuff. And you can look at a picture and make up your own stuff. But then my writing doesn’t have an outlet.

So when I see a list of 30 prompts, all I see is some cool little topics screaming ‘Write about me! For the next 30 days, you won’t have to sit with the laptop on your knee asking a four-year-old, ‘What can I blog about?’’

Today’s prompt was ‘In my cup’.

How many photos like this are going to appear on Instagram today? But none with clever product placement like mine. Read on...
How many photos like this are going to appear on Instagram today? But none with clever product placement like mine. Read on…

When I think about what’s in my cup this morning, it’s pretty full. I’m a half-full type. In fact, even when my glass is empty, I’m happy ‘cos I’ve got a glass.

It’s full today of happiness and a whole big dollop of pride. Because in today’s mail I got a disc full of images of these two:



And I just want to print them all and stand in the street handing them out.

Maybe the lovely Alison at Lollypop Photography would be happy for me to do that because she’s the talent behind them. And she should be as proud of her work as I am of ours when it comes to those two little rabbits.


Sometimes I stand on our front lawn with my camera on the Automatic setting and point it at the girls playing and am certain I’ve just filled my memory card with photos like these. Sure, I’ve filled the memory card. And hard drives. But there’s nothing like any of these.



Next to all the coffee cups and green tea photos uploaded on Instagram today, there’ll probably be lots of green smoothie shots too.


And I could talk about that. But people who talk about drinking green smoothies need to have them tipped over their heads. Who cares if you drink green smoothies? You. You’re the only one. We didn’t know you felt crap before you started drinking them. Plus people who drink them are drinking them AT you; they’re saying, ‘You don’t drink green smoothies? You’re a fat pig.’

It’d be like having a cold and asking someone how they’re going and they say, ‘Great. But gee, I had a nasty cold last week.’ You don’t really care.

So what’s in your cup? And you can tell me if it is a green smoothie. I just made you look at a heap of photos of our kids. Same as a green smoothie. Only really interesting if it’s yours.

2 thoughts on “Is your glass half full?

  1. My cup is overflowing today because I get to look forward to reading you everyday for 30 awesome days!!!! So glad you’re back to regular blogging!!! Highlight of my day!! Your girls are growing up soooo fast. Nothing beats professional photography – NOTHING. I had photos taken of the boys when they were 4 & 2 by the MOST amazing fellow who travelled out to our home for the morning and took the most wonderful photos. He put them on disc and set the slide show to this amazing song which made me cry and cry!! The whole project was rather an investment dollar wise but so worth it and I would do it all again in a heart beat. Your green smoothie summary had me laughing – gosh you are funny – and insightful!!! My cup is currently half full of stone cold coffee I made half an hour ago and haven’t got back to finishing it!!! Sound familiar???


    1. Never with coffee – I love it too much. But yes, many a tea sits and forms the ring on the inside of the cup after I’ve tipped it out. Thanks so much for your kind words! And you need to get the photographer back to include another little subject in the photos on the wall. That’s the first time I’d ever had professional photos taken and well worth the investment, I say! Thanks so much 🙂


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