The only workout you’ll ever have to do

I picked the hoop up off the kitchen floor before anyone else tripped on it. And before I put it away with all the toys, I stepped into it to and lifted it to my waist. Surely it’s like riding a bike.

It’s not.

What the? It can’t be that hard. I flung it around my waist even harder.

I’d been trying to explain to Maeve earlier while I chopped vegetables how to move her hips to keep the hoop up. No wonder she couldn’t do it.

Anthony walked in and I told him I still haven’t written today’s blog.

‘Today’s prompt is ‘Stripes’,’ I told him as I positioned the striped hoop around my waist.

Maybe the hoop has to upsize proportionately with the waist size. A thicker waist hasn’t got the room to get any momentum up in such a small hoop. Makes sense.

But then I got it. And there it stayed, spinning around my waist while we laughed and Anthony snapped photos for proof. And he did well because it was only waist-height for a couple of seconds.


Then it made its way slowly to the floor where it did that slow clumsy spinning thing, rubbing it in that you haven’t been able to maintain it on your hips. And I puffed breathlessly over to the oven to check the vegetables.

Now I have a suggestion for all of you fitness instructors designing workouts. Forget planking. Include the hula hoop. It’s hard. I could feel my stomach muscles working in just those three seconds. Hula hooping should be part of every boot camp and gym workout.

So now I’m going to leave this pink hoop on the kitchen floor all the time. Just in front of the Mint Slice cupboard. The deal is if you want a Mint Slice, you have to keep it on your hips for 20 seconds.


2 thoughts on “The only workout you’ll ever have to do

  1. Isn’t it amazing where one can find inspiration for their writing!! Do you know I have never owned a hula hoop – not even as a little girl. And if I had one now, my boys would be using it to toss, roll or test the laws of gravity with it and it would be wrecked by sun down!! Boys tend to do that!!


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