I’m sorry I haven’t called

It’s cool how there are some friends you don’t speak to very often , but when you do, it’s as if you’d just had a coffee yesterday. Or a laugh in a shop fitting room earlier that morning. (Don’t get me wrong, talk-more-often-than-that-friends, you’re cool too.)

Sometimes when you get together with don’t-talk-very-often-friends, you each offer a weak apology about how busy you’ve been as the reason you haven’t called. But it’s not necessary.

Anyway, that’s what this blog feels like lately. I probably should apologise for not keeping in touch. But I’ve been really busy, you know…

Hang on, we agreed that wasn’t necessary. Let’s just pick up where we left off.

There are a couple of things that drop off my radar when I’m busy sewing. The first one is blogging. The second is meals.

(There’s a third too; housework. But I’m not great at that whether I have orders to fill or not.)

The other day I was making sandwiches for lunch. Elsie told me that some people have a sandwich on a sandwich on a sandwich. I told her they were called club sandwiches, and just to prove how gourmet I can be when it comes to meals, I made her ham and cheese sandwich into a club sandwich.

‘So it’s really just a sandwich with bread in it,’ she said before she took a bite.

I’m hearing you, sister. What’s gourmet about that?

And because they’d been playing on their own outside all morning with some leaves and a tupperware container of water, I felt like a bad mother.

‘Let’s make some really cool play dough,’ I suggested. So we mixed one part hair conditioner with two parts cornflour; a recipe I’d seen somewhere on the web. (And when the cornflour was all gone and the play dough was too sticky, I used arrowroot. Why did I have a box of arrowroot? What do you use arrowroot for anyway? And when the mysterious box of arrowroot was empty and the play dough was still too sticky, we used custard powder. And when the custard powder was all gone, I said, ‘There. It’s perfect.’)

But it wasn’t. And I wouldn’t bother with that recipe again. They played with it for a few minutes while a song played in the background:

Six little ducks that I once knew
Fat ones, skinny ones, fair ones too,
But the one little duck with the feather on his back
He led the others with a quack quack quack. 

Elsie made 'a duck with a feather on his back and a few to follow behind because he was leading the others'.
Maeve made 'a town'.

Then they went back outside to continue the jungle they were making with leaves and a pond and I tried to scrub the food colouring off my hands before I went back to the sewing machine.

2 thoughts on “I’m sorry I haven’t called

  1. Too funny Larissa – you get me laughing everytime!! I guess your playdough could be labelled gourmet and even edible (My Kitchen Rules beware!!) I’ve been thinking about starting the playdough era with Alex but not quiet ready for the effort/appreciation ratio just yet. Good luck with that added housework/cleaning you really weren’t needing at the moment!


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