How was the market?

I’m not going to lie. I totally underestimated the physical, financial and emotional costs of a two-day market in Melbourne. In the lead up, life revolved around getting ready for the market. My answer to anything that Elsie and Maeve asked was standard:

‘Can we do some baking?’
‘Yes. After the market.’

‘Can you make me a puppet?’
‘Sure. After the market.’

‘Can I have something to eat?’
‘Yes. After the market.’

Mum and I spent three hours driving down, half a day setting up our stand, two days trading and three hours driving home.

Did you hear Target got in trouble recently for an airbrushing mishap? Why do companies do that? Why can't we all just be happy exactly as we are? Bumbags and all.

The following day I managed a shower. That was all.

When I got home late Sunday night, I wanted to push Elsie and Maeve’s beds together and lay down between them so I could be touching them both. The next morning I wanted to ask Elsie if she’d like to stay home from school so we could bake and make puppets. But I got her ready for school then sat on the couch. Finally Maeve said, ‘Please Mum, let go, I need to go to the toilet.’

We had said it wouldn’t matter if we didn’t sell a thing; it was three days away together. And it was. But we could have gone to Bali. Cheaper. Easier. More relaxing.

We sold a bit of stuff. We had a lot laughs. One nice meal. But if you want me, I’ll be home. For the next twenty years.

12 thoughts on “How was the market?

  1. I’m sorry you missed your girls so much 🙂
    I loved meeting you and your mum. It was wonderful to put a face to the name xx


  2. Oh my, I have been giving the same answers for months while I was doing markets! I always feel exhausted after just one day markets, no more than an hour away from home. I don’t think I could pull a 2-3 day adventure. After markets I just want to cuddle and kiss my daughter too 🙂


    1. Hi Jenya, thanks for stopping by. Loved having a look around your blog and beautiful creations just now! Yes the lead up and aftermath of a market is a bit like Christmas, isn’t it (now that you celebrate it!)? Your daughter is gorgeous and has lots of stunning clothes you’ve created. Well done 🙂


  3. Well done foss

    I’m over markets too

    Your so lucky that your mum is right there with you

    I’ll be home too, unless I’m on Hamilton island.


    1. Thanks Vick. Yes, great to be right there with Mum. We always have a ball and get a few laughs where we have to pull over because we can’t see or talk from laughing. They make it worth our while! See you very soon 🙂 xxx


  4. Congratulations for extending yourselves and taking on bigger adventures!! However that is a consequence of markets vs online shopping – an enormous effort for the seller with no guarantee of sales!!! BUT … fantastic networking opportunities. Whereas I can sit here in my home office in SE Qld and access all your beautiful products with the mere click of a button (while tackling a 20month old with the sticky tape he has cheekily unravelled). Thank you for the photo and the stall looked very Bear & the Whale stylish!!!


    1. Thank you, Christine! Ah yes, as parents reprimanded children for tackling my mannequin, pried Mum’s Baby Born models out of crying toddlers arms, corralled children back into their prams or shoved dummies in babies’ mouths, I did want to suggest they hop on my website once the children were in bed!


  5. You and your mum look so alike:). Pity I couldn’t get to that one in Melbourne, would have stopped by. I can imagine the pressure and the emotional drain. I was like that when I was a young mum too, back in the dark ages. Well done you on giving it a go.


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