Free money

Today we collected the girls’ pavilion entries following yesterday’s local show. It was the first year that I’d sourced a schedule and read through to see if there were any categories that the girls might like to enter.

We were a little stuck for time. We learned that you could (and should) have faxed or posted your form in to the Pavilion Secretary a week in advance. Failing that, there are set times on set days during the week leading up to the show to catch said Pavilion Secretary to register your entry. Entries must be registered by Thursday afternoon at the latest and delivered Friday morning at the latest for Saturday’s show.

So we rushed into town just before the cut-off time late on Thursday afternoon to register any entries that we may be able to complete between that moment and the following morning.

The first category that had caught my eye in the book was: ‘Three decorated Marie biscuits on paper plate (topping must be edible)’. Β We collected our registration cards at the Pavilion and went straight to the supermarket to buy the Marie biscuits, the paper plates and the edible toppings. On the way in to town I’d thrust the Kids’ Birthday Cakes book onto Elsie’s lap and told her to have a think about what she could put on her biscuits.

I told Maeve she could have a think about what she’d like to put on hers. She replied that if we saw a rabbit wearing a blue shirt on the way into town that it might be Peter.

On show day there was great excitement, with animals to pat, clowns to feed and show bags to choose. But even more exciting for Elsie was seeing her entries and her success. Her Marie biscuits won second prize, her drawing of a girafish won first, and her hand drawn tractor picture first.

Maeve’s self portrait (with her parents either side of her) won second prize. She didn’t care.

After picking up her entries and certificates at the Pavilion today, Anthony asked Elsie what she got for winning.

‘Free money,’ she said.

Next year I may have to get baking…

10 thoughts on “Free money

    1. Oh yes, there’s just not enough Free Money around, is there? I hope you’ll enter lots of photography, homegrown goodies and bread yourself, and I bet there’ll be a lot of opportunities for your clever kids to have fun and enter things! I look forward to your Show photography. I had the camera and the attempts but all the wrong settings and a card full of bad shots…


  1. That’s adorable! And it reminds me our show is coming up in a couple of weeks. I feel a re-enactment of your blog post coming on… x


    1. I feel it too. I can see it now. But get in early and get organised. I’m sure it’ll be a lot more fun if you’re not telling them, ‘Good, that’s plenty of icing, noes decorate it. It’s bedtime. You can do the third one in the morning.’ And hoping the third one is dry before you run it into the Pavilion… Go girls – I look forward to hearing what they come up with!


    1. Thanks Sue! Felt a bit strange encouraging them to enter and praising their win – I did attempt an equal amount of discussion about how it’s an exhibition rather than a competition and the importance of entering exhibits so that there’ll be a lovely lot of things to look at in the Pavilion. But when you’re six, you probably just hear, “Blah blah blah, winner, blah blah, certificate, blah blah blah.” So the prize money was a real bonus on top of the certificate! Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚


  2. Ahhh, the stuff childhood memories are made of!!! You just can’t beat country shows. Next year the girls will have to enter the lego section so you can join us mums who have mastered the ability to hastily reconstruct our child’s masterpiece which has scattered into many, many, many pieces after dropping it on the ground somewhere between the car and the pavilion (yes, I am speaking from experience!) Hope the prize money covers the entry fee!!!


    1. Oh no! I hope your son wasn’t trotting along beside you when it happened. They should have a little bench seat beside the pavilion door for mums putting things back together before they go in. Luckily no entry fee in the sections that the girls were entered in, so it really was free money! πŸ™‚


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