When your tank is overflowing…

When you put a lukewarm cup of coffee in the microwave, it’s quicker to press Start and let it start cooking on high for one minute, than it is to press the ‘1‘ then the ‘5‘ and then Start. I’ll just stand here and watch and I’ll stop it after 10 or 15 seconds.

I’ve just got time to put the milk away. I find the lid over on the other bench and screw it on. I put it away in the door of the fridge. What is that in the vegetable drawer? It’s a bag of gourmet lettuce. Or it was once gourmet; now, not so much. I put it in the bin. The bin’s full. I take out the liner and tie it up. Is it bin night tonight? What about recycling? No, I think recycling night is next week. I take the bag out to the back door and it’s from there that I hear the microwave beep. Oh man. My cup is two thirds full and sitting in a milky pool of overflow.

That happened to me a lot with hot cross buns over Easter. If I put them in the microwave, they always got a full minute on high and once they were cool enough to touch, they were like a little rock. If I put them under the griller, I could smell them burning from the wheelie bin.

I ate a lot of hot cross buns this Easter.

And a tall Red Tulip Elegant Rabbit before breakfast on Easter Sunday which I said I would never do again. I’m really not going to do that again.

The school holidays weren’t nearly long enough and this morning as I packed Elsie’s lunchbox I wished I’d be calling her in from riding her bike to eat lunch. In her pyjamas.

Maeve turned four in the holidays. Turning four is up there with remembering to stop the microwave after 15 seconds.


We bought a bike and took the training wheels off before we gave it to her. After a year of flying around on a balance bike, she knew how to steer and how to balance. She hopped on her new bike on the morning of her birthday and started pedalling. Anthony let go of the seat within metres and she was away.


And that feeling? It’s up there as well.


I feel a bit like that too this week (since the aftermath of the Elegant Rabbit). One, because Maeve did. But two, because we’re having a stall this Sunday at a launch market that I think is going to be really cool – Trove Makers’ Market in Bendigo. Trove Market is the brainchild of two good friends who wanted something new and different to do on a Sunday, and they’ve selected stallholders based on innovation, quality, individuality, locality and sustainability. And with a gourmet community barbecue, good coffee and music throughout the day, why wouldn’t you come down for a look? Ride your bike there.

2 thoughts on “When your tank is overflowing…

  1. Gorgeous photos Larissa – says more than a thousand words!!! All the best for your market and hope you sell heaps of handmade goodness!! I don’t think my bike would make the journey otherwise I would love to come and visit!


    1. Thanks again, Christine! If your bike could have made the journey, you’d have been well rewarded – it was a beautiful market and was all that it promised to be. We might have good markets down here, but you have great weather! 🙂


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