Day 1: Describe your day in 100 words

I checked for bids on my first ever eBay listings. If I’m not being charitable, I’m at least going to appreciate the fun (FYI – no bids; must take longer than 9 hours for 7-day listings). Day Two of my new solo boot camp challenge. One hundred skips then 50 jump lunges (not just a lunge, which I find hard enough, but a jump in between). I got to 20, wondered how I’d ever get to 50 let alone complete the rest of the workout, and went and made a vintage transport nursery mobile instead.

There. That’s Day One of my new challenge down. Seeing as my fitness challenge isn’t going so well, I’ve added another to balance the joy. I’ve jumped aboard Clairey Hewitt‘s I’m Blogging Every Day in May! challenge (one, because writing is fun and I like doing fun things (as opposed to jump lunges) and two, writing regular blog entries is something I haven’t done and a blog that’s irregularly updated is frustrating and boring for readers and boring and frustrating for the writer). Claire has set some daily prompts. Today’s was to describe your entire day in just 100 words.

And because a picture is worth a thousand, I’ve thrown in a few of our week:

Elsie getting a ride to the bus this morning.
Elsie getting a ride to the bus this morning.

I took this through the kitchen window. You can see the reflection of the Antrid. I think it’s still there from 2011 when Elsie helped herself to the multivitamins beside it while I was in the shower.

Maeve started 3yo kinder this week. Much excitement (on her behalf. And mine for her).
Maeve started 3yo kinder this week. Much excitement (on her behalf. And mine for her).
After kinder, we hung out...
After kinder, we hung out…


8 thoughts on “Day 1: Describe your day in 100 words

  1. Does this mean I get to read your entertaining writings Every Day for A Whole Month???? Yeah!!! Anthony looks like such a cool dad, Mauve looks adorable in pig tails (and looks like you), and more pet lambs I see!! Looking forward to your next post – as always!!


    1. Just one more pet to love and pat! Thank you for your kind words again, Christine. And yes, that does mean you get to read whenever you get a chance to (if people who love running do it every day, then there’s no reason I can’t write every day!).


    1. It would have been quite the workout, Sam – perhaps going from nothing to 50 jump lunges is wishful thinking. Would have been better with a brisk walk (and a cuppa and a Mint Slice). Yes, another cute bottle lamb to love. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Great work Larissa! Well done on starting two things and for telling everyone about it! It’s hard to stop then. Thanks also for getting me thinking of what I am going to start today!


    1. Thanks Emily. I look forward to getting a laugh from yours too! I was going to say ‘good luck with the challenge’ but promising to do something you love every single day for a whole month – that’s not a challenge! All the best. 🙂


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