Remember why you started

When I bought my trusty old Alphasmart on eBay from America (with the sticky A key that stays pressed down, only really handy when you’re typing aardvark or Aaron), the minute it arrived in the post I felt like a writer. You may remember seeing my Alphasmart when I strapped it to the pram and went for a walk.

This is me checking that none of our neighbours see me.
This is me checking that none of our neighbours see me.

Well, after yesterday’s failed workout, today I bought some new workout clothes. As soon as I put them on, I felt like a fitness freak. It even spurred me on through the first set of 20 burpees. And I did complete the entire workout today.

I don’t love exercise. But I do love being able to fit into my jeans. A couple of months ago I heard about Miss Fitness Life‘s Skinny Jean Challenge (I wasn’t too fussed about skinny jeans – I just wanted to fit into my own jeans.). It was free to register and each day I got an email with a list of exercises to complete that day. I completed the 2-week challenge, modifying the exercises where I needed to as I was going from literally no exercise at all, and I saw great results, but more than that, I’d never felt better. So I’m digging out the emails and giving it another crack. I want to feel that good again.

It doesn’t matter what it is; writing regularly, exercising, housework, cutting down on the amount of Bill Granger’s brownie slice that you eat each day – just start. To succeed (or to get anywhere at all), you have to start.

I urge you to start something today that you’ve been avoiding (even if you’re starting again) and tell me what it is. It feels good to start. And then remember why you started.


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4 thoughts on “Remember why you started

  1. I’m starting to clean out the lego/contraband items/junk/storage room aka our home office (lets be honest – we all have one of these rooms in one form or another) to enable me to find some precious and scarce desk space to complete my overdue BAS!!!! And yes, I do feel better now that I have started but will feel even better when I complete the paperwork for another quarter!!


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