Film clip for the song, ‘The Bear & The Whale’

Around the time I decided to seek a market for my mobiles, my husband, Anthony, and I were driving with our two daughters, Elsie, 2, and Maeve, a newborn. Elsie was singing a song, an original that we’d come to know well as she sings it often. And especially since it contains the same single line over and over, ‘Oh the bear and the whale.’

Anthony motioned to the backseat and said, ‘There’s the name of your mobiles.’ I couldn’t have thought of a more perfect name.

Here’s singer/songwriter Elsie with a rendition of her song:

4 thoughts on “Film clip for the song, ‘The Bear & The Whale’

  1. Very cute Elsie! Congratulations it looks wonderful-I will forward it onto Trina she has more friends in your target age than mine, and she can show her Guernsey Mums!


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