Harvest update

It started well. We got a day’s harvesting in before the rain.

Header emptying into truck
Stripping barley
Grain coming into silo
Wonderful sight - grain being augered into the silo

Now it’s onto all those farm jobs you save for a rainy day. Days. Week. Weeks. Surely not ‘summer’.

As for the locusts, they’ve arrived from the north, or hatched here, and make for a dodging dart to the clothes line.

Locusts over paddock
A familiar sight

You know the plague is here when a hopper lands on the edge of the bath and Elsie just says, ‘Oh hello Mr Grasshopper. He’s got long antennae. And stripes.’ And inches closer to his angled legs with her face and I hope he hops off in the other direction to save her hitting her head on the tap.

Onto a brighter note, I’ve made some online sales! Loving packaging up the goods and posting them off.

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