Sneak peek at my stall at The Square

Have you heard about the new handmade market event in Bendigo? It’s called The Square: Bendigo’s Handmade Market and the launch is a huge Christmas market on Saturday 18 December. Three local makers have organised the event as the first of a regular market to ‘showcase fabulous crafters and makers from the region’.

I’m one such crafter and I can’t wait to be involved with a stall at the launch market. The three lovely ladies have been kind enough to feature a sneak peek of The Bear & The Whale in their blog entry today.

Speaking of today, Elsie and I decided to make marble cupcakes. ‘Really colourful ones,’ she said, ‘with bluuuue and greeeen and pink and white.’ So here’s what her two looked like. Maybe I should’ve made them all that colour, then I wouldn’t have eaten so many.

Marble cupcake

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