Sticker fun

I bought myself some time while I was getting ready for the market by handing Elsie a sheet of sticky labels that I’d been using for price tags.

This is how I found the remote control later:

We enjoyed having a stall at the Sugar & Spice Children’s Market in Woodend on Sunday. From our observation (and confirmed by reports from others on Facebook!), attendance was well down. Despite that, we sold a LOT of rattles, lots of dolls’ clothes, some cute baby t-shirts with my logo screen-printed on them, and we have a new bestseller mobile – the coloured owls.

I am now madly trying to use the time between now and this Saturday (The Square – Bendigo’s handmade market) to restock. Better find another sheet of labels for Elsie…

One thought on “Sticker fun

  1. Oops. Just ordered more mobiles! Put them on the bottom of your list Larissa! No urgency. Just stocking up on presents. Good luck with the sticky labels.


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