Happy birthday to The Bear & The Whale

It was this time last year that it all began. Our website went live, we started taking our things to markets and announced we were open for business. Any excuse for baking and a party. The candle is blown out, everyone claps (that's Elsie, Maeve and me) and the lights go back on. And another thing to … Continue reading Happy birthday to The Bear & The Whale

Mother’s guilt

I'm not the first mother to blog about mother's guilt. Its in blogs from other crafty work-at-home-mums (or WAHMs as they're called in endless websites, support groups and forums), books about parenting, and conversations amongst girlfriends. Germaine Greer said that women are capable of feeling guilty no matter what. If we're juggling work, home and family, we're guilty. … Continue reading Mother’s guilt

Sneak peek at my stall at The Square

Have you heard about the new handmade market event in Bendigo? It's called The Square: Bendigo's Handmade Market and the launch is a huge Christmas market on Saturday 18 December. Three local makers have organised the event as the first of a regular market to 'showcase fabulous crafters and makers from the region'. I'm one such crafter … Continue reading Sneak peek at my stall at The Square