Woman overdoses on cookie dough

It wasn’t worth leaving on the oven to cook just four of Bill Granger’s Double choc chip cookies on a final tray. So I ate them. All four lumps of cookie dough. And now I look at the cooked trays of biscuits and think I would never eat four of those in a row. Or perhaps I would have. But I just cured myself of that.

From Bill Granger's book 'Simply Bill'

Mum and I went to the Murrabit Country Market on Saturday. It’s one of the largest markets in regional Victoria and I was so surprised by the size and the number of stalls. We had the best day. Sales were slow, but the number of times we laughed, wiped tears from our eyes during that silent laugh you get, or blurted coffee out of my mouth (and possibly nose) during a laughing fit, more than outweighed the slow sales. In hindsight, the hysteria may have been due to the girls taking turns to wake on the hour every hour and then my alarm going off at 4am so that I could leave by five.

I was pleased to make some sales of my new tops – I have so many gorgeous fabrics that it’s hard to know which ones to put on the rack at the market and which ones I would like to pop in Elsie and Maeve’s wardrobes.

I loved sharing Saturday with my mum prior to Mother’s Day, and then yesterday had a Mother’s Day picnic with our own little family on the front lawn. At one point both Elsie and Maeve were crying and I realised that my day had been full of reminders of what makes me a mum, what’s required to be one, and what I love about it. With just a healthy dash of the counting to ten that Mum’s sometimes need to do.

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