Album of the Year goes to…

You’re big when you’re known by your first name only. When I was little I really wished my name was Julie. I didn’t care if I was the mother or a baby in a game, just so long as my name was Julie. That’s when I was truly happiest.

Let’s imagine now that I’m a singer. They’re reading out the nominations for the Grammy award for Album of the Year.

“And the nominations are: Jewel, Madonna, Adele, Prince and… Julie.”

Album-cover---Julie(Julie: self-titled album not available on iTunes or in good music stores.)

Today’s prompt in Clairey Hewitt‘s I’m Blogging Every Day in May! is ‘First names’. Do you have any thoughts?

17 thoughts on “Album of the Year goes to…

  1. I just know trying to choose 6 names when having 3 boys was really hard. I only ever really like Tom as a name so the next 5 were a little tough!

    PS Clever photo!!


    1. Naming your children is really hard. We didn’t come up with Elsie until a day or two after she’d arrived, so we used to say to each other, “Should we go up and see the baby?” Naming her was one of the steps in feeling like that little thing in the humidicrib was really ours.


    1. That’s cool, Sam! I once knew a boy called Courtney and we were in a car that got pulled over by the police. One of our car load said something to Courtney, so the policeman came around to my window thinking they were referring to me but Courtney leaned across me and said, ‘Nah mate, I’m Courtney, I know, it’s a girl’s name.’ And the policeman tipped his hat and said, ‘That’s cool, mate. I’m Robin.’


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