The journey is over for some words

There are some words and clichés, moving forward, that should be banished from the earth. Just sayin’. Without further ado, I’m going to mention some of them.

That was three right there. Do you agree? And if you just said, ‘Absolutely!’, then that’s four.

It would be awesome (#5) if we all just dropped these from our vocabularies for ever, right? (#6). Totes (#7).

Words in vogue get overused. Sometimes they’re misused and often they are generally useless.

One of these is ‘journey’. A journey is a physical act of travelling from one place to another, so it’s easy to understand how a journey was once a trip by horse and cart to get water, but it now describes a profound transformation. There are spiritual and personal journeys to a more enlightened state of mind, and life-changing journeys like massive weight loss or overcoming serious illness.

I get that. I’ve set out on journeys, completed journeys, and definitely liked a quote about journeys. It’s a well-used word; it’s when it’s misused that it ruins it for everyone.

Magazines and television shows (especially reality ones) are full of reflective stories that shouldn’t be called journeys. Libby Trickett’s experience on Dancing With the Stars was not a journey.

‘Write about a journey in your life’ is today’s prompt in Clairey Hewitt‘s I’m Blogging Every Day in May! And it’s okay that I just said all that, because Claire hates the word ‘journey’ too.

IMG_0433_500Have you been on a journey you’d like to share? Or do you have a word or phrase that you, like, so want to see gone from this planet (#8)?

10 thoughts on “The journey is over for some words

  1. You MUST add proactive to the list. Really, can’t we just actively do something.

    Let’s actively work on the people to remove proactive from their vocabulary. I admit, it could be quite the journey, but it would be totes amazeballs.


  2. Selfie. Or maybe I am just over seeing them! Also the word hero in reality TV. Hero of the dish, hero of the room… Blah blah blah.


  3. “Surreal” & “Oh My God”
    I won’t even venture to add the annoying words my ten year old uses ALL the time – epic/useless/meh!!! (ok so I mentioned a few)


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