Want more hours in your day?

Never again will I say that I don’t have time. This month I’ve been blogging every day and exercising every day. And I must say, I’ve never been so productive. They’re the two things I always claimed I didn’t have time to do. But I’ve been able to do them both plus everything else I used to do. I have learned that if you want to do something badly enough, you can fit it into your day.

‘I don’t have time’ was code for ‘I can’t be bothered’.

Prior to I’m Blogging Every Day in May!, if I thought about writing a blog post but couldn’t think of something immediately to say, I’d excuse myself with an ‘I don’t have time anyway’. And I’d justify if by agreeing that I had had a big day or a late night and it was fair enough that I was too tired – I’ll write a blog entry tomorrow.

Prior to I’m Exercising Every Day in May! (I just made that title up), if I put my sneakers on—actually no, I’d never even put my sneakers on; I’d just think about doing some exercise—I’d decide ‘Actually, I don’t have time’. And as justification, I have too many sewing orders to fill and I really should be sewing.

But what a brilliant idea – commit to something by announcing your intentions to the world. It forces you to do it, especially on the days you’d have normally let yourself off the hook with an excuse about not having time.

On the other days, it’s the enjoyment I get from having exercised (not exercising) and having written that motivates me to do them both. And then because I feel so great afterwards, I’m motivated to do so much more with the rest of my day.

Today’s prompt in Clairey Hewitt‘s I’m Blogging Every Day in May! is ‘Something you will never write about.’

I’ll never write about wishing I had more time. It’s not about having time, it’s about making time. By making time for the things I enjoy doing, it’s like I have even more time in my day.

And if you’re not motivated by that, how about this:


10 thoughts on “Want more hours in your day?

  1. Yes, true enough. It’s like volunteering for things – the “I’m just too busy” excuse is the “I’m just not passionate enough” excuse. Well done Larissa and we are all benefiting from your motivated blogging everyday commitment!!!


    1. Yes, we should all just answer with ‘I really don’t want to’ when it comes to volunteering if there’s no passion there for the cause! Thanks Christine, I’ve loved it so much and can’t believe I deprived myself so long of doing these things and feeling great as a result. Onward and upward!


  2. SOme days I put my sneakers on before school drop off and when I put the kids to bed I realise I am still trying to find time to exercise, truth is, I have always had excuses.


  3. Well done Larissa. Your blogs have inspired me to both start something and try and do something everyday. I started planning our ensuite thanks to your prompt and am now going to look for items next week! I have also tried a new recipe most days ( I have missed a few here and there). It has been great fun! My next project is to only eat good nutritious food. If it’s not going to be the best fuel for my body, it’s not going in my mouth! So I’m doing what you said and putting it out there. From now until the end of June. Eeek! And you are right about not making time instead of not having time. It’s just choosing how you wish to spend it.


    1. Yay Janine, well done! Great idea with the different recipes, we should all try that and do away with the ones we’re all sick of. And great news with some action on the ensuite – once you start I bet it has it’s own momentum as you find different ideas and items and get excited rather than daunted. It’s funny how any project that we get daunted by is usually something we’ve created ourselves! I look forward to hearing your favourite recipes. And you’ve inspired me with the fuel for your body idea of eating. I bet you’ll feel fabulous.


    1. Great minds, alright! Reading is last on my list. And even with my new found ‘make time if you want to do it’, I don’t know how much of my day I’ll dedicate to reading (anything other than The Magic Faraway Tree and The Green Sheep).


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