Dear phone, I’m just not that into you anymore

We get to hear about broken promises in the news each day. I didn’t want to feature in any of those stories. I said I was blogging every day in May and I will blog every day in May. Because doing something that you said you’d do is important. It makes you feel good, like you have integrity.

Today was one of those days when I wasn’t sure I’d get the girls to bed before I got there myself. And by leaving a blog post to the very end of the day when The Voice is on, I’m at great risk of breaking my promise.

Today’s prompt in Clairey Hewitt‘s challenge is ‘Describe your relationship with your phone. Honestly.’ But I’m glued to the TV and have been brought to tears by a couple of the artists (maybe cos I’m tired, probably because music and great singers make you cry).

My phone is like a bad boyfriend. It freezes up, turns off and annoys me. At other times, it’s handy to have around and kind of fun.

Plus it has music on it. So it redeems itself.

Do you have a relationship with your phone?

10 thoughts on “Dear phone, I’m just not that into you anymore

  1. No relationship – don’t use it only in emergencies and then it is usually out of battery charge!! Thanks for keeping your promise about blogging everyday. I am totally enjoying this May!!


    1. That’s funny, Christine! I knew you and your phone weren’t close. But you need to put a charger in your car for said emergencies! Helps put me off my phone when we only have one bar of reception at the house. We only really see each other when we’re out.
      And thank you for reading and commenting!


    1. Thanks Sam! It would be annoying to be without it, I guess. But I much prefer my computer than the phone. Our 4yo listens to Kasey Chambers on my phone and I often realise I haven’t had it for a day or two and have to ask her where it is.


  2. When I’m at home, and my mind is starting to numb,I pray that someone, dear God, SOMEONE will ring me on my phone. But they never do. The tiniest ting sends me into a frenzy – ” Gotta run….Mummy has an email!” Anything for a break from 4 year old games..


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