Five things to grab if there’s a fire

The house in engulfed in flames. The family is out, and I can go back in and grab five more items.

  1. This box of Maltesers I only just got for Mother’s Day.6349262
  2. The painting I did of Anthony singing a couple of years after we met (I think artists say a painting they ‘made’ rather than did. But I’m not putting myself in that category). Reason being, look at the music stand. How did I manage to get that so wrong? If I ever painted a replacement, I’d get the stand right, and then people really would think it was a photo.PaintingOfAnthony_July2006_500
  3. This bath toy storage basket. Because we only just got it. And we needn’t have had toys sitting in the bottom of the bath for six years.


  4. Maeve’s plastic Care Bears placemat. Because it’s the only useful thing we’ve ever got in a show bag. Ever.
  5. Pen and paper. ‘Cos if we lose our home and contents, I’m going to need to write.

‘The house is on fire, all the family is out, and you can grab five more items. What are they?’ That’s the prompt in Clairey Hewitt‘s I’m Blogging Every Day in May!

8 thoughts on “Five things to grab if there’s a fire

  1. Maltesers and a bath bag, totally essential. Especially as you have taken so long to get the bath bag that the kids will hardly need it – you should have see how foul they can get after five years of bath time.


  2. Maltesers. Of course. Why didnt I think of that. Plus if you find a good basket thingy for bath toys then you have struck gold. In 13 years I’ve yet to find one that doesn’t fall off the wall.


  3. Hmmm, what would I grab??? Oh to heck with it, let it all burn so I can buy all new stuff!!! Therefore I would save copies of insurance documents and of course my Master Card. Oh, and Alex’s “The Bear & The Whale” outfits – goes without saying!!
    PS – really dig Anthony’s flowing locks or did you use your artistic licence/interpretation??


    1. Makes you realise how much of it is replaceable (even Alex’s outfits! And you could put in a claim for the next size up).
      PS Yes there was long hair, a ponytail! Muso coming out in him?


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