One of my favourite images of all time

Try coming up with your favourite image of all time. There are plenty I like that other people have taken, like the baby owl learning to fly that I shared last week when I grappled with letting our kids fly when I just want them to sit in the nest and I’ll feed them worms til they’re old. Then they can feed me worms.

And there are plenty of faves amongst our own albums. But to choose just one is really hard. They all capture a particular moment or mood or a personality but often there’s only one person (read: child) in them, and I can’t choose one over the other. So my favourite image of all time has to be this one:


We have it on a huge canvas in our lounge room. And it captures a moment, moods and probably personalities. Plus we’re all in it. And that doesn’t happen often.

‘One of your favourite images of all time’ is the today’s prompt in I’m Blogging Every Day in May! with Clairey Hewitt.

Do you have one?

10 thoughts on “One of my favourite images of all time

    1. Lovely surprise! Can you paste a little head-and-shoulders of number 3 into the corner of the professional shots? That’s one thing I haven’t done, had professional shots taken. I’ll put it on the list…


    1. Your guess is as good as mine! It was March so I’m guessing it wasn’t too bad. I certainly don’t remember it as something that ruined the day and the moment. Haven’t had too many days on the Great Ocean Road when you don’t need a cardi on the beach….


  1. Great action shot. So natural and “raw” for want of a better word – not rehersed or choreographed. Yes, as mothers we are usually behind the camera – for 2 reasons, no one else is around to take the photo and the other, I’m not very photogenic. (Notice in a group photo including yourself, you are immediately drawn to your image and are critical of it whereas the other people in the shot will look soooo much better than yourself – so you think!!) Gorgeous Mauve – I could just pinch those chubby thighs!!


    1. Thanks Christine! We were at the beach with my brother and his wife and child, and we each had a new camera, so we were playing ‘Let’s see who can take the best photo’. There’s hundreds of both families and individuals and their dog but this is the winner!


    1. Thanks Stephanie. Most of us are probably happier on the view-finder side of the photo, but it’s great every now and then to make sure everyone is in the shot! Thanks again 🙂


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