Old fashions and new

On the weekend we went to a ball with a Roaring 20s dress theme. I was excited to hear today then, coincidentally, that Roaring 20s fashion is on the way back. I spent way too long looking at dresses on websites before I made this one to wear to the ball.

I tried using PicMonkey to make this look a little more like an old photo. And cropping the girls’ wheelie bug from the side of the shot added to the desired effect.

I wouldn’t mind one bit if these dresses came back into fashion:

Sources: (clockwise from left) (1) costume-history.livejournal.com (2)omgthatdress.tumblr.com (3) easyliving.co.uk (4) vintagetextile.com

 I love the kohl-rimmed eyes from back then.

It’s the hairdo that I’m not too fussed about. Those flappers looked gorgeous, but the Marcel or finger waves (call them what you will; doesn’t change how hard they are to do on your own head, how long they take, and how much product is required—my hair looked exactly the same when I woke up the next day—guess that’d be a bonus if the do was in fashion).

Anyway. We do love a dressup; it breaks the ice and provides a talking point.

Besides sitting at the computer googling Roaring 20s, this is what else I worked on last week:

– My corduroy pinafore in a cool new blue

– A belted skirt and bloomer-style shorts

6 thoughts on “Old fashions and new

  1. I suppose the dress is ok (cough, cough – sarcasim – really it looks lovely) but it’s the shoes I really love. The perfect blend of sassy and sensible. Ohhh, the comfort that the good old blousey drop waist dress provides … add some bling and it’s party heaven!


    1. It was nice to wear those shoes – they were one of those had-to-have (mostly-because-they’re-red) purchases from long ago that I was never as excited about once I got them home. Same with the bling! I think the bling can stay in the dress-ups but the shoes were so comfortable that I might have to give them another run!


      1. I’m a sucker for red shoes too – I currently have 5 pairs of red shoes in my closet (I have a lot of shoes!!!) Must be the Wizard of Oz Dorothy in me – not that I ever watched that movie or even like it but I just know she wore red sparkly shoes.


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