Roundup from The Square

Is it going to get annoying if I report in again that Mum and I had ‘such a great day’ at The Square – Bendigo’s Handmade Market on Saturday? Well, I’m sorry if it’s repetitive, but we did!

We met some lovely customers – thank you to all of those who looked at our stall, gave us such good feedback, made a purchase, or told us that they follow my blog!

I took Elsie and Maeve’s little red table in an attempt to get some height and more space on our trestle. It was okay, but I saw a dress rack I loved on another stall and have decided I’d like one similar.

So today I sat outside our local hardware store and sketched a diagram of what I’d like, then went inside (and spent what feels like many nursery mobiles) to purchase different lengths and types of posts and dowel. So now it’s off to the workshop to see what I can come up with.

I’m pretty sure I need to enlist the help of my husband. In fact, I can be certain about that when I think back to the wooden photo frame I once tried to make. I used a mitre box to cut four lengths of wood at 45-degree angles, but whether it was a dodgy mitre box or user error (shoosh, it was a faulty mitre box), I ended up really needing a fifth side to my photo frame. But then, who said that photo frames have to be rectangle? Pentagon could be kinda different…

I’ve had lots of new fabrics arrive and have added them to my shop (little summer dress), so get in quick if you see something you love – I usually only buy enough of each fabric to make one dress.

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