Summer dresses for spring weather

With some spring weather on the way, I’ve been making lots of summer dresses to take to The Square in Bendigo this Saturday. I have some gorgeous fabrics accumulating in my stash and have loved using them. I am very tempted to make only sizes 1 or 3, so that if they don’t sell, Elsie and Maeve will have a wardrobe kitted out for spring and summer! But I’m resisting and have made all sizes (0 to 5) with only one dress made from most fabrics.

While writing this, the Footy Show is on in the background, and I’m not sure that I agree with whoever it was that just announced that the sacking of the Freo coach today is bigger than a tsunami. Uh?

Mum and I had such a nice day in Castlemaine on the weekend at the Kids Market CV. After arranging and re-arranging our stall numerous times, much to our own amusement, we finally settled on the display, replacing stock as it was sold.

Yes, I’ve had all of my hair cut off. I realised one day that I had been sporting the same messy pony-tail/bun hairdo for 20 years.

Twenty years? Am I that old? Guess so.

Elsie suggested I grow it long again so that I ‘look like the real Mum’.

‘Don’t you like it short?’ I asked.

”Yes, I do. Very much,’ she answered. And then I started crying.

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