Expectations and disappointment

I used to think that if I didn’t have any expectations about something, then I could never be disappointed afterwards.

When we were hoping for a baby, consumed with life lived in fortnights, if I didn’t expect a positive result at the end of the month, supposedly I wouldn’t be disappointed.

At school, if I didn’t expect to receive an A grade, theoretically I wouldn’t be disappointed with anything less.

But it never worked.

I was always disappointed by the slipping by of another long and precious month, or school and university results of less than an A.

So yesterday, even with no expectations, I drove home from the Little Birdy Market in Echuca disappointed.

I shouldn’t have. We made sales to around a dozen people, discussed our products, gave out postcards, spoke about custom-made mobiles and, above all, had a lovely day.

I can turn my disappointment around (and just did) the same as I used to; being grateful for another month that Anthony and I had together on our own and where an outing meant grabbing my handbag and heading out the door.

I quite like our outings now, where times of departure can revolve around sleeps or breastfeeds and while grabbing my handbag, I also need to remember drinkers, nappies, wipes, snacks, coats and spare outfits, dummies, toys, crayons and a couple of books.

I love how capable I feel when all of this comes together.

Being a mum is the best. Selling a few dresses is a bonus.

The Bear & The Whale at Little Birdy Markets Echuca 25 Sep 2011
How about matching dresses for little girls and their teddy or doll?

3 thoughts on “Expectations and disappointment

  1. Ah being a mum sure is the best, in oh so many ways. I love that I am not the only one who makes a mess!

    Lovely Blog Larissa, well done on all accounts 🙂


  2. It’s all about “Pollyanna” honey…need to watch that movie…haha! There is a lot of truth in her approach though…learning to be content with what you have…if you can change “it” without hurting everyone else around you, change it! If you can’t, learn to live with “it”. Realising how much you have to be thankful for can be a great remedy for disappointment.
    You are doing a great job Larissa…keep up the good work love. And I must look at your blog again…didn’t know it was there!


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