Just start

‘I can’t. We’ve just got so much on right now, I’ll start next month.’

‘I’d love to, but I’ve really got to get this done. Maybe tomorrow?’

‘I want to, but what if it doesn’t work?’

‘I can’t actually be bothered. I’m exhausted. I got up to the kids three times last night. Maybe I’ll do it when the kids are older.’

Any of these sound familiar?

Why is it so hard to just start? Whether it’s something new or something we want to do that haunts us every day (like writing a book, for example…), there’s no doubt that the hardest thing is getting started.

I’ve been thinking about why that is. If I knew what it was, I could squash it and just start.

My first example is fitness. But I’m not going to go into it because:


Suffice to say, if you do exercise, you feel good. Maybe you could lose a few grams, but who cares, if you feel fit and strong and that causes you to make healthier choices. On the other hand, if you don’t exercise, it feels like those who do are doing it ‘at’ you. That makes you grumpier so you eat another Tim Tam.


The second example is my writing. But I’m not going to go into it either because it’s in the same category—fitness, your new diet, how you slept last night, whether you have a cold—no one really cares.

My point is, even when I know that I feel better when I exercise, or when I write, why is it so hard to just start?


Maybe we’re inherently lazy. Maybe we’re waiting for the right time. Perhaps we’re stopped by fear. Who wants to fail or look bad?

Whichever of these it is, and who cares if it’s none of these at all, I realised the main thing stopping me from starting is me.

So, I told myself this week, get out of your own fat way and start. One small step is all it takes.


And I did. And it was good. So good that I wondered why I hadn’t started earlier…

Figure that out.

Anyone else having trouble starting? Or have you recently got out of your own way and started?

4 thoughts on “Just start

  1. Woohoo! You’ve started a book…? I’m hanging to read a whole book of your writing. Short blogs is just not enough!

    You are so right – no matter how many circumstances we blame, it is us that gets in the way of starting (or making a change). My all time fav motivator is catching up with girlfriends for a laugh to remind me that there is so much more to life. 2 in particular have helped me to make a fresh start. I am forever grateful xxx


    1. Oh you leave the nicest comments! Yes, there’s something about the power of girlfriends to remind us of the obstacle that’s in our way (ourselves) – and if they can bring it to our attention over bubbles, it’s win-win for everyone! Thanks for your beautiful words and friendship. x


  2. Like doing your tax return – just getting all your paperwork together to take to the accountant that is. I always put it off but expect the ATO to send me my return $$ the next day!! (which when received always makes me feel good)


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