And by morning we had a new playground

Here’s why we celebrated today:


Thirty delicious (mostly unpredicted) millimetres of rain. We’re guessing 30mm. Normally we can guess the amount before we even go out to the rain gauge. One or two mills wets the deck. Five will put a puddle in the driveway. And if there’s a puddle over near the gate, we must have had ten.

The rain gauge out the back hasn’t been one of the most useful items on the farm over the last ten years. But it’s like health insurance, you probably have to have it. But in the middle of the night last night, amongst claps of thunder and surrounded by flashes of lightning that illuminated the entire sky, Anthony went outside in the rain to check the gauge.

It’s like peeking at the cake in the oven before its done. You just want to be sure it’s cooking. That it’s looking good.

‘How much?’ I asked when he came back in.

‘There’s a golf ball in the rain gauge.’

Blackie is obsessed with fetching golf balls. We’re trying to break the habit for him a little and teach him that there are other good things in life, by removing the ball after play. Put it somewhere out of his reach is our advice to the girls.

That should do it, Maeve.
That should do it, Maeve.

Anyway, we didn’t need to measure this rain. We just knew it was good. Farmers in the district have started sowing crops. The kids in the district probably probably spent today doing this:




I hope your weekend and the rain at your place was this good:


4 thoughts on “And by morning we had a new playground

  1. Oh don’t stop there… i could keep reading that story! And such brilliant photos! I realised i am still such a city chick when i gasped to see your girl’s beautiful clothes getting so muddy. I love how precious and raw life is in the country – us city kids haven’t yet experienced the levels of sheer joy that i can see on the girl’s faces. So happy for you! X (i will however get you some nappysan from town tomorrow)!


    1. You’re hilarious! Surprisingly, they washed out well – getting them into the machine instantly may have been the key. I did think about gasping when I saw Maeve in that woollen jacket in the puddle but how could I stop that fun? Thanks for the encouragement to keep writing! It was a brief post, wasn’t it? You’re all welcome to hit our puddles whenever you like. Let’s hope there are lots of opportunities for the rest of the growing season 🙂


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