Filling our needs

I remember learning about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in Psychology at uni. Something about food and shelter, which I translated to souvlakis and Naughton’s Pub.

Tony Robbins has since named six human needs, arguing that deep down we all need certainty and variety, to feel important and part of a community, to contribute and grow.

That all sounds right to me. I think if all those needs were being met, you’d be pretty happy.

One of the prompts in Fat Mum Slim’s photo-a-day challenge over the weekend was ‘What’s something you need? Not want, but need.’ I made the announcement that I would blog every day in September using these prompts. I lied. I’m sorry. We went away for the weekend.


Most of what I thought I needed in my life turned out to be wants; 10 hours of sleep each night (pfft, pre-children belief), new boots, mid-morning coffee, reliable internet… They’re all wants.

But writing? I’m going to add that to Tony Robbins’ list of things I need. In fact, if I was stuck on a deserted island, I’d need food, water, shelter and a notepad.

I did try to post blog entries on the weekend. But at midnight on a tiny phone screen, it didn’t work.


We filled a lot of needs during those couple of days:

  1. there was certainty that we’d have fun
  2. there were a variety of night caps
  3. we felt important (due to effect of point 2)
  4. with three families of best friends, we felt part of a community
  5. we contributed to solving the world’s problems (see point 2)
  6. we grew by trying something new:


I hope you enjoyed your weekend. What’s something you need? Not want, but need.

One thought on “Filling our needs

  1. Yes …. I was wondering what happened to the thirty day thing – I guess you never told us it would be 30 consecutive days!! Apart from the physical needs for existence, I need acceptance and friendship. Sounds corny but where would we be without our girlfriends???


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