Create space in your bedroom in one easy step

Some people have a really tidy house. They don’t have to wipe up lunchtime sandwich crumbs from the bench to prepare dinner. When they get dressed in the morning, they take their clothes from their wardrobe rather than the couch.

I don’t really get any of that. Such double handling.

What’s something you do yourself? Or something someone made for you. That’s today’s prompt in Fat Mum Slim’s blogging challenge.

Mess. It’s what I do and it’s what everyone else makes for me.

We’re all really good at it.

So if our lounge room floor is ever tidy (read: rarely), within an hour, it isn’t. Part of me wishes I’d taught the girls right from the start about tidiness and putting one thing away before getting something else out. But who was I to preach? It’d be like me trying to teach someone about what’s going on in the Ukraine.

Another part of me is resigned to the fact that we have small children and we’re going to have Lego and Barbies on the floor for years. I like that part of me. It’s relaxed and happy and present.

Actually, I think that if you have room for a spare couch, you don’t even need drawers and wardrobes in the bedrooms. Walk-in robes will be a thing of the past.

I just snapped this photo of our spare couch, or family-walk-in-robe.


We all know where our pile is. Actually Maeve has three piles. Cos they do at that age. There’s even a balloon amongst it all.

The really-tidy-house people will be horrified at this photo. Don’t be. It’s the same as being the mother of a newborn – just do what works; fix it when it becomes a problem.

Would someone mind telling me they’re the same? I don’t really need to hear it but I bet my Mum does…

3 thoughts on “Create space in your bedroom in one easy step

  1. Oh Yeh! Pick me! Total chaos here. It is kind of getting better now the kids are bigger, although now is more obvious which messes are mine….
    I would rather be me, laid back and messy than any other way.


  2. I love the walk in family robe – awesome idea. I really hate the washing and the way it stares at me when its all done and needs to be folded and I really really struggle with folding socks. I think you could patent your robe/couch!


  3. Your walk in family robe has a twin in SE Qld – my office!!! Although your spare couch looks more orderly than my office. HOWEVER … I do know where everything is located in amongst the kaos!!! What will we do when our children leave home and we can’t blame them for the untidiness?? Blame our husbands!!


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