I’m sorry I didn’t do my homework but…

I haven’t done any exercise or written a blog post since my last smug entry. Few reasons for that (notice I called them reasons, not excuses…):

  1. I used up all of our internet service and had to wait a week for it to renew. Yes, one of the pay-offs of living in a rural area is you have to pay $5million per month for a few megahertz of web-surfing. Once you’ve clocked it all up surfing said web, the service slows by 1000 horsepower and it would be quicker for me to handwrite my blog entry and deliver a copy to each of you on foot.
  2. I had a chest infection (I kind of like the doctor’s diagnosis, makes it sound more serious than ‘a really bad dry cough’ that I went to him to complain about.).
  3.  I turned 40. I would like to say that I couldn’t blog or exercise because I was involved in a festival of get-togethers with different groups of friends and I barely had time to make Elsie’s school lunch. But I wasn’t. There was lunch on the day and that was nice. But the rest of the week involved getting up, stuffing my lung back down my throat (that reminds me of the time I tried to stuff the airbag back into the steering wheel), making Elsie’s school lunch and then going back to bed.

Anyway hearing about anyone else’s minor illness is really boring and irrelevant so I won’t say anymore about how I coughed all night every night for a week. I was really tired. And sick of it. I even coughed during the day a little bit too.

Thanks for all of your kind words about how much you enjoyed my blog posts during May. If you’d like to donate, I’ve set up a crowd sourcing project called ‘Can-We-Work-Out-Something-Better-With-Internet-Access-When-You-Don’t-Live-In-A-Town.-Even-Just-To-Be-Able-To-Get-Two-Bars-Of-Service-On-Our-Mobile-Phones-Would-Be-Okay.’

Here I am on my birthday. This image has been digitally enhanced. No facial airbrushing, just my best effort to blur the background because the top of the desk needs my attention. Not yours.


3 thoughts on “I’m sorry I didn’t do my homework but…

  1. Giggle, giggle (stuffing the air bag back into the steering wheel!!). So sorry to read of your illness (see, all that exercise may not have necessarily been what the doctor ordered) and turning 40 can be rough. (Been there, done that!!) I chose not to sign up for the internet “shaped” usage plan and have gone the excess charge route. I don’t think my impatience could survive slower internet speed. And it’s only when my children watch movie trailers in off peak hours that our usage amount soars (certainly not while I am online browsing/shopping!!!) Lovely family photo – I have none of our whole family together and have only recently started trying to take “selfies” with Alex and I so I can at least provide some sort of memorabilia of our mother/son relationship!!
    Glad you are back blogging though – was wondering how long it would take for you to recouperate after your May marathon.


    1. I know – why is it that we judge what the rest of the family do on the internet and how much data it uses?! Online shopping, of course, barely uses an inch.
      I can’t believe you don’t have a family photo – please take one tomorrow! And I’m glad you’ve started taking selfies with Alex – I hope the other boys let you do the same with them – one day they’ll cherish that ONE (rather close up) photo with their mum.
      And yes, I did wonder how much of the dry tickly cough, I mean, chest infection, was the universe telling me to put out one of the ends of the candle! Thanks for commenting 🙂


  2. Good to see you are back into it Larissa. I missed your blogs. I’ve found them very motivating! Sorry to hear you’ve been sick.


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