Farewell Autumn 2014, and thank you

Do you find your Facebook newsfeed full of status updates on New Years Day bidding the previous horrible year good riddance, and hoping the new year is a better one?

I like today’s prompt in Clairey Hewitt‘s I’m Blogging Every Day in May! ‘Farewell Autumn 2014, you have been…’ because it forces you to look back on just a section of the year, so that even if there are lows later, you’ve taken the time to recognise some highs you’ve already enjoyed. And then maybe a whole year doesn’t get labelled as ‘a bitch’ due to the lows.

Or maybe it does. But no-one can take away the great things that happened either side of the lows if you choose to see them and celebrate them.

Really bad photos (complete with iPhone and photographer shadows) of a really nice moment this Autumn.
Really bad photos (complete with iPhone and photographer shadows) of a really nice moment this Autumn.

Farewell Autumn 2014, you have been a ripper. And not just weather-wise.

Thank you, Claire, for providing a month of daily prompts that got me (and hopefully you) to think about lots of different things that I wouldn’t normally have thought about; best meals, best photos, best and worst smells, habits, childhood memories, kindness and charities.

This blogging challenge made me think about my responses to the prompts, and write my thoughts in a way that I hoped were interesting to read and good enough to publish. I don’t want to waste your time – if you’ve clicked on my blog, I want you to be entertained, enlightened or amused. I want you to leave the page glad to have read what you did and not disappointed that you’ve just wasted 45 seconds of your life that you’ll never get back.

I said I would blog every day in May and exercise every day in May, and I was really excited to learn these lessons from doing so:

  • starting something you’ve been putting off feels good.
  • saying that you’ll do something and then actually doing it feels good.
  • I CAN be bothered. In fact, I SHOULD be bothered. Because the reward always feels better than the self-torture of coming up with excuses.
  • And I DO have time. Making time to do the things you enjoy makes your life heaps better.

And I also want to say thank YOU for reading, commenting on, liking or sharing my posts this month. In doing so, I hope you had a laugh or thought about things you wouldn’t have otherwise. Perhaps you learned something or were reminded of something you already knew.

Regardless, I hope it was a ripper. How was Autumn 2014 for you?

4 thoughts on “Farewell Autumn 2014, and thank you

  1. It’s been so great to blog every day. It was actually easier than I thought with the prompts, though some days I wished I picked a different topic. It takes practice to write well, especially for an unknown audience.

    Thanks for joining in with me, there were many who fell in and out along the way which shows it isn’t as easy as people think it might be.


  2. It has been a wonderful May and I looked forward to reading you EVERYDAY. Thank you so much for extending yourself and making the effort to do so every single day. Yes, I was entertained, enlightened & amused (and sometimes saddened) for 45 seconds every day in May. I will miss my daily thought provocation and hope that you will continue to be a regular blogger – now that you have completed an intensive 4 week trial. Farewell Autumn (although we are in the mid 20 degrees today), it was been worthwhile.


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