The worst smell in the world? That’s easy.

Roast lamb. That’s the worst smell in the world. Because it smells like live lamb. As a kid, lambs topped my list of the best things in the world, just ahead of sheep coming in a close second. Now I’m grown with kids of my own and the list has changed. Except the first two places.

It’s cool to save the lives of orphan lambs when you live on a farm. Last year we welcomed Jackson, and then three of his friends. Once they grew, Jackson and I fell out of love a little bit. But he still lives as an adult sheep in our paddock and we see him often. Actually he had a little day trip the other day.  We sold Jackson’s mob to go and live on greener pastures (la, la, la {covers ears}, stop it, it’s true). We left Jackson out of the mob when we penned them for the truck to pick up. But when the truck arrived at the yards, the driver loaded the sheep onto his truck (nicely and gently, I’m sure) and decided that one sheep had jumped the fence. He chased the lone sheep back through the yards and onto the truck, and off went Jackson to Bendigo. Fortunately for everyone, we noticed that Jackson was gone that day, just in time for the truck driver to bring him back on his own in a big empty livestock trailer. Nice driver. One might say, lucky driver.

Anyway, I get that the rest of you like eating lamb. And if you don’t know that I don’t eat it and you serve up a roasted one when we come round for dinner, I’ll do my best to eat it and I’ll wipe away the single tear that rolls down my cheek before you see it. Because I’m polite like that.

Sometimes Elsie or Maeve ask what I’m doing and I reply that I’m taking a photo of this dress I’ve made to put on my website. This morning I wrote this blog post and asked Elsie (6) if she’d take a photo of me with Tiny to put on my website.

‘Are we going to sell him?’ she asked sadly.

‘Never,’ I replied. I handed her my camera and Maeve (3) my phone and we went outside to Tiny.


Here’s a few more I like of the 209 that Elsie took:




And a couple of Maeve’s:



I’m Blogging Every Day in May! with Clairey Hewitt. Today’s prompt is ‘Yesterday we talked the best smell in the word, the worst smell is….’. What’s yours?

7 thoughts on “The worst smell in the world? That’s easy.

  1. Clever truck driver to able to distinguish Jackson from the mob for his return trip -don’t all sheep look the same??? (I can hear you now launching into a rant about how unique and special each and every one of them is and each have their own recognizable personalities …..) I hate the smell of bacon and eggs cooking in my kitchen in the morning – link that to my morning sickness days. Love, love, love Elsie’s photos especially that pine cone!!! Make sure you enter these into your local show.
    PS love the grip you’ve got on Tiny!!


  2. So I grew up on a farm, had pet lambs (which we never ate) and so yes I know the joys of lambing leaping etc. And yes when I realised why all the big trucks came to the farm I was sad. I suppose if I never ate lamb, I’d never eat the chicken, pork or beef. But I respect where you are coming from xx


  3. Don’t read my best smells in the world (#3 on the list and on the menu tonight).
    Tiny is cute , we have very cute lambs as neighbours and I’d like to raise an orphan lamb.


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