The best smell in the world is…

The best smell in the world is puppy’s breath. If you’ve never smelled a puppy’s breath, go to a pet shop now and ask the shop keeper if you can. Do not buy the puppy. You’re obviously not that into dogs.

See, even the cat likes is trying to get around near Daisy’s mouth and nose to smell it.

‘The best smell in the world is…’ is today’s prompt in Clairey Hewitt‘s I’m Blogging Every Day in May! I could think of lots of nice smells, but the more I thought about them, the more I realised that I like them because of what they represent. Like the smell of a freshly brewed coffee, yes I love coffee (a lot), but I also love that Anthony’s in the house mid-morning while he fills a fuel tank or is going past in a truck and we get ten minutes together. He chases Maeve up and down the passage while the coffee brews and she squeals with delight and it’s the smell of happiness.

Or the smell of rain. Provided it’s falling at the right time, it signifies growing season rainfall for crops, feed for sheep and water for tanks. It’s a happy farmer smell.

The smell of a cake baking was on my list. With two excited girls sitting on the bench licking spatulas after we’ve measured and mixed together, it’s the smell of happiness.

The smell of a shearing shed is on my list. It’s the fun we had as kids playing in there, jumping from wool bale to wool bale, playing hide and seek through the yards, helping to fill pens with sheep or count out shorn ones that is the smell of happiness.

Basil is another one I like. But like puppy’s breath, it doesn’t represent anything – it just smells good.

What’s on your list?

10 thoughts on “The best smell in the world is…

  1. My husband. Even when he is stinky, it’s still good! Bread baking in the oven. .. When you open a bag of coffee for the first time. … clean sheets. ..


    1. Yes, Jacq, agreed – thank you for sharing yours. I thought of bread baking in the oven but I’m not sure I’ve ever smelled it coming from my oven so that one is yours to claim!


  2. Oh, so many smells (how about we say aromas/scents). Of course coffee, which accompanies freshly baked choc orange biscuits, my boys when they were newborns – not so much now that they are stinky school boys (school boys do have a unique scent – just ask any primary teacher!!) Freshly mown grass, smoke from a freshly lit fire, garlic infused casserole in the slow cooker, basil pesto and my all time favourite eau de parfum – Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy. Oh, and I too will add the smell of my husband to the list – must be those pheromones!


    1. I much prefer aromas/scents! I enjoyed your list, Christine. When Elsie was born at 24 weeks gestation, I read that you miss out on the smell of a newborn. Fortunately I had no idea what we were missing out on.


  3. Lots on my list depending on the mood I’m in – but now, as I’m SUPER tired I would say that I would love the smell of breakfast/coffee that I don’t have to make!!!
    As a country girl – mum’s cakes, rain on hot, parched grass – TOPS!!


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