I’m inspired.

Some might say Gandhi, Mandela or Mother Teresa. While I love a good advocate of independence, peace, freedom, justice or compassion, when it came to thinking about today’s prompt in Clairey Hewitt‘s I’m Blogging Every Day in May!  — ‘I am inspired by…’ — here’s what came to mind:

I am inspired by:

  • Pinterest. Whether I’m looking for ideas for lamp shade bases, 1920s hairstyles, 70s makeup, Easter crafts, quotes, recipes – it’s all there in pictures and links and hours of data usage.

510b25817ac1cbbc22aaedda74d91eedSource: Pinterest (of course)

  • Clean work spaces. I don’t get to be inspired by those very often.
  • Elsie and Maeve. Why else would I try to do 50 jump lunges in a row? I want to feel great for them.
  • Beautiful fabric. Fellow fabric lovers, are ya hearing me, sisters?
  • Other mums. I like that we’re all in it together, trying to figure out how to be the best parents we can be and raise kids that people want to be around.
  • Anthony. If it’s a high, he shares it.  If it’s support I need, he offers it. If it’s a low, he’s there. If it’s a problem, he solves it. If I need to hear something, even if it’s a different way of thinking, he says it. He inspires me to be all that in return.


  • Oh, and Kasey Chambers. Cos I wannabe. Still.

How about you?

6 thoughts on “I’m inspired.

    1. Lots of perfection. But so handy, with a string of dress-up parties lately, it’s been so cool to be able to trawl through so many images of how to do hair or makeup for a 70s night, or what sort of dress to wear to a Roaring 20s Ball.


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