I once had a mentor who…

I’m watching The Voice and one of the contestants is talking about how Keith Urban is his mentor. Today’s prompt in Clairey Hewitt‘s I’m Blogging Every Day in May! is ‘I once had a mentor who…’. I don’t think I’ve ever had a mentor (though I wouldn’t mind if Keith was mine). And because I love The Voice so much, I’m being totally distracted from writing this blog entry, entertained and inspired instead by amazing voices. So, with a failed attempt at multi-tasking and no mentor that I can even think of, I’m going to spend this post instead sharing some photos of our week.

Elsie and Maeve had a ride on the tractor, sowing canola.
Elsie and Maeve had a ride on the tractor, sowing canola.
We cooked marshmallows.
We cooked marshmallows.
And I took 109 photos of Maeve on the front lawn and they're all just so darn cute I can't delete one of them.
And I took 109 photos of Maeve on the front lawn and they’re all just so darn cute I can’t delete one of them.

You love Maeve’s dress, I heard you gasp? Well you’re in luck – I have one in size 00 and one in size 1 – ready to post to a lucky buyer (for $42 plus postage). It’s a gorgeous stretchy corduroy. Maeve has nabbed the size 3 and asked if she can ‘wear it forever?’. Let me know if, like Maeve, you have to have one of these dresses.

Did you have a mentor? Do you love The Voice?

4 thoughts on “I once had a mentor who…

  1. I love Keith, never really paid attention until The Voice last year. Slowly getting into this years one. We are camping in the next month-can’t wait to sit by the fire eating marshmellows xx


    1. Enjoy your camping trip (my advice with the marshmallows is to stop way before you think you’ve had enough)! You’ll be back in time to get right into The Voice!


  2. No mentor – except my mum who has taught me pretty much everything I needed to know about life and being a mother – everything else I learnt by trial and error and disappointment!! Love the photos – especially the sneaky stubbie at the bonfire toasting marshmallows!! Mauve is such a beauty and Anthony will have to be prepared to keep those pesky teenage boys away in years to come!!


    1. Thought it was clever (lucky) photography on Maeve’s part to get my hand and Anthony’s leg in the shot with the fire! Yes, Mum’s are the best mentors, even if they don’t know it. Thank you, I just wanted one good photo of the dress to put on my website and I got 100 cute photos of our little girl that I’ll store on the computer and never print because I won’t be able to decide which one to get!


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