A sandcastle between mobiles

I told the girls they could make a little pile of books or toys to take on the plane. Here’s Maeve with hers:

It was during the last of those consecutive weather events with horizontal rain, howling winds and a top of 9 degrees that we decided on a flying trip to anywhere warm. We had decided, booked and departed for sunny Queensland within a matter of days and it was lovely and lucky.

Yup. No socks.

While the girls packed their backpacks, I sorted through their drawers to find shorts and t-shirts that weren’t sizes 1 and 4 respectively for Maeve (3) and Elsie (6).

Before we left and since we’ve been back, my sewing machine ran and is running hot. A stream of orders followed the Babyology feature on my mobiles, making it hard to find time to design and create anything new for the spring. But never fear, I have. More on that soon…

In the meantime, here’s a pair of overalls I made for my friend’s baby (along with a beanie I bought from Little Miss Emma on madeit):

One thought on “A sandcastle between mobiles

  1. Welcome to sunny Qld!! If I’d known you were coming I’d have arranged to catch up but I fear you may have headed a little further north. After a blast of balmy Spring weather in mid August we suffered frosts and low, low temps again which just dried everything up and is now soooo dusty and sad looking. Looking forward to some milder spring days ahead – and some rain. Love the overalls and girly colours!! Also love Mauve’s small collection of essential toys! I bet their were toys in there that she hadn’t even played with for months!!!


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