Something really significant just happened

When I was in Year 6, I thought my life would be better the following year when I had my own school locker. When I was in Year 7, I thought my life would be better the year after when we got to go to Halls Gap for a school camp.

And on it goes; life will be better when I’m 18, when I move out of home, when I move back home, when I find a boyfriend, when I get rid of this boyfriend, when I have a baby, when my baby is sleeping through, when my toddler is only having one nap during the day, when they’re not having any daytime sleep…

We’re waiting for something. Waiting to be where we want to be. Waiting between here and there.

And the thing is, there is nowhere to be. Only here.

The reason I say this is I’ve been finding it hard to think of something to blog about lately. It’s like I’m waiting for something big to happen, so that I can write about it. But my life isn’t one you’d see made into a movie or a book full of big events and adventure. In fact, to most (including me at times), it would all be rather boring.

So here’s a couple of things I just realised:

1. My life is filled with small moments, but in waiting for something big to happen, I’m missing the importance of what’s right in front of me. The ordinary things going on in my life are the most significant.

2. The best TV shows, movies or pieces of writing move us because they touch on what it is to be human. Lives filled with meaningful events and proud moments can simply appear so in the way they’re recorded.

So. Nothing big happened between my last entry and this one. But here are some of the small, significant moments that I’ve enjoyed and embraced:

I saw this out the kitchen window:

Maeve found ‘fairy bunks’ outside, which prompted Elsie to build a fairy garden.

I made some new pants:

I got an email to say my nursery mobiles had been featured on the Babyology website with a lovely spiel:

Mobiles without all the bells, whistles, musical soundtracks, lights and action can sometimes be a little hard to come by, so we’re over the moon to have stumbled across these beautifully serene baby mobiles to hang in your little person’s space.

Check out Babyology to read on and see the feature. And feel free to deliver a casserole so that the girls can eat while I fill orders.

And lastly.

I googled seamless socks and came across Seams Away. I knew I’d come to the right place when the ‘About Us’ page talked about sock battles and how their line of Soft® clothing allow kids to get dressed without the drama. I nearly drove to Kew and asked for all that they had. But instead I put Elsie on the bus crying about her socks and placed an order. And the very next day, it arrived. And now I want to drive to Kew to say thank you. Because look:

And this is one of the most significant and joyous moments we've all had in the last six years.

What small and significant moments happened in your household this week?

10 thoughts on “Something really significant just happened

  1. Socks and smiles in the same sentence! Well done Larissa and Elsie. Still a few weeks left of winter to enjoy them, must feel no much nicer to have something under gumboots Elsie! X


    1. Thanks Jen! What a victory – pity it took me so long to work it out. She thinks they’re even more cool because they’re the colour of her uniform. Although – the two-pack also contained white – so bring on summer and the black Mary-Janes!


  2. Something significant just happened to me ,,, I read your blog!!! Will be chasing up the sock info and hopefully in line for an overdue victory… Thanx Larissa.


    1. Great news Steve! Didn’t know you had one who’s been wrestling with socks all their lives. Hope they’re as big a hit in your house as they were in ours. Thanks for your comment 🙂


  3. I just couldn’t get past the photo of the girls and their dad on their bikes/scooter. He really does need to upgrade. What a cool DAD!!! How did the leg warmers go?? Now there’s inspiration for your next blog.


    1. He’s a very cool Dad. But I don’t know many who aren’t. And scooting is hard work – I’ve had a go on Elsie’s and it’s tiring! Easier to knit – having said that, I still only have the singular (leg warmer) and it’s still only half the length it needs to be. Not enough time dedicated to it. They may be for next winter! 🙂


  4. What a beautiful post! You are so right about the ordinary being the most significant. There is something about seeing the father of your children playing so care free with them that just makes you love them all the more isn’t there?!


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