You asked for tops for boys?

That was the autumn break. Sixty-one millimetres of rain in 12 hours. It fills empty water tanks and the cracks in the ground, puts moisture in crop beds and waters those already sown, it lifts the spirits of the older generations and creates puddles for the younger ones. Oh dear, all of a sudden I fit in ‘the older generations’ class. Tomorrow I’m jumping in puddles. In pyjamas.

I also had a birthday this week, boosting my transition through the categories.

I don’t need to paste any more dimly lit photos of curly-haired girls blowing out candles on a chocolate cake. It gets hard to tell who was having the birthday.

We ate cake and it was good.

As if the rain (and the cake) wasn’t exciting enough, I’ve finished a new design. And as always, I make the prototypes in Elsie and/or Maeve’s sizes.

I’m launching these half-button shirts at The Square – Bendigo’s Handmade Market this coming Saturday, but if you just love the look of them and badly want one, I don’t blame you. You can pre-order one early this week for pick-up at The Square, or order any time for postal delivery after The Square. Unfortunately I won’t be able to post any out this week as I’m saving them all up for the launch! Pre-order yours now.

Don’t you think it goes well with my linen blend pants? Me too.

8 thoughts on “You asked for tops for boys?

    1. Thanks Jacq! Way too deep, that puddle. I didn’t take any more photos after we tipped water out of gumboots, wiped faces and took off saturated pyjama pants. What started in fun…


  1. Aaaahhhhh – how did it take 3 whole DAYS for me to see this post????? Hoped I might be a special guest at the new design launch on Saturday however will rely on those much treasured brown parcels Aust Post delivers to my mailbox here in regional QLD. Love the look of the shirts and will absolutely be placing an order after the dust has settled from The Square markets. Ensure you do another blog with lots of photos after the weekend.
    PS where are the shots of the birthday girl???


    1. Aahh, same reason it took me 5 days to reply to this! Can just see one of your gorgeous boys standing on a gate wearing the shirt! Would’ve been a great surprise to see you standing across the trestle in Bendigo. But til then, we’ll continue to use Australia Post and communicate online! I also have a nice grey linen blend that I made Maeve’s first prototype from – I quite like that too in a shirt. Anyway, another post coming very soon and thanks as always for commenting! The dust has settled, The market itself can be the eye of the tornado with the madness in the lead up and then some madness to follow with orders taken on the day to make afterwards. But on top of it now and even getting some washing folded off the couch! 🙂


      1. Oooooh – like the sound of the grey linen blend!! So, you use your couch as your folding area as well. Yet to see a couch used this way featured in Home Beautiful magazine but I’m sure every home has a “Folding Couch” – and no I don’t mean a futon! Looking forward to your next post!


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